Cherish Work, Cherish the Path

John C. Kimbrough

We are all involved in some sort of action all the time. Action is Karma and Karma Yoga reminds us that we should perform actions that fulfill our responsibilities to ourselves and others. How we do our housework, the work that earns us our living and how we use our free time, are all part of what the practice of Karma Yoga consists of.

But many of us resent our duties and responsibilities or complain about any kind of work or extra effort we have to put forth. We may have a bad or lazy attitude about our families and their well being, or the work or job that we perform each day.

As to why we have got into this state, well it could be a love of convenience and comfort, the influence of television and the desire to be entertained and feel pleasure.

But our work can offer us many things if we look at it with a healthy attitude. Yoga suggests that we learn to cherish our work because not only does it allow us to earn a living and support ourselves and our family, but it also gives us the opportunity to direct our time and energy to something each day that is constructive and wholesome.

In addition to understanding that we can grow and evolve in numerous ways because of our work, we also want to cherish the path – the path that yoga offers us.

Why should we cherish it?
Because it offers us a way to better health and a better understanding of ourselves and others. It also provide us a means to live in a manner that is relatively free from conflict within and with others.

It is sad and at times frustrating to see all the people who live in free societies, with healthy economies and a high standard of living, to be somewhat lost and confused. Certainly the daily news reports from any newspaper all over the world show us stark examples of people who have lost their way. And sadly, it seems that things are getting more and more out of control.

If we can focus our day around our family and cherish the work that we do at home and at the factory, school or office and also cherish the paths that show us a healthy way to live, we will be engaging in a two pronged approach to life that can bring us much health and happiness.

Published in the October 2011 edition of Yoga & Total Health magazine.

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