Dr. Patanjali J. Yogendra
A sculptor was at work. People gathered to watch him. He was carving the statue of Athena to be placed at the Acropolis. The sculptor was taking great pains to chisel the strands of hair at the back of the head of the statue. Some of the onlookers commented, “When this statue is completed, it will stand 100 feet high, with its back to the wall. Who will know all the details you are putting behind there?”
The sculptor momentarily stopped his work and looked at the person, “I will”, he said.
It is rightly said that a person’s work is a reflection of himself.
It may seem momentarily that we have deceived someone or gotten the better of someone. But when looked at in an objective way, the Karmic cycle over a period of time balances it out. Satya therefore is not only truthfulness to others but to one’s own self and happens to be one of the earliest steps of Patanjali’s Astanga Yoga.
Published in the June2011 edition of Yoga & Total Health Magazine.
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