Life comes with its share of challenges… some of them huge and seemingly insurmountable!

An unsympathetic boss in a job, your family depends on, a marriage gone wrong, anxiety over the children’s future, a persisting health concern, loss of a loved one, natural changes such as aging… these are some of the many experiences that impact the way we feel. And how we feel and think matters. Physical illness often has its roots in the mind.


But here’s a little secret!


Challenges themselves don’t really count! But how we deal with them… that counts! That determines whether we win or lose the game of life.


That is why Yoga places tremendous importance on mental health alongside physical health. Yoga encourages the practitioner to inculcate attitudes of self-knowledge, faith, objectivity and the willingness to do our best, irrespective of obstacles. Armed with these powerful attitudes, you simply cannot fail!


The Yoga Institute’s Counselling Services are led by Yoga Guru Smt. Hansaji Yogendra, Director of the Institute. Smt. Hansaji has counselled thousands over the decades, helping them access their own inner reserves of strength, perseverance and wisdom to live successfully.


Smt. Hansaji, who has dedicated her life to taking Yoga to the world, willingly shares her wisdom and experience with anyone seeking it. You can counsel with Smt. Hansaji by taking a prior appointment on 022-26110506, 022-26122185.


So don’t let life’s challenges throw you off. Most can be overcome.


As for those that cannot, never mind! You can build a happy satisfying life despite them. And that is life’s true success!