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COVID-19 – What Parents Need to Know?


Coronavirus! A word that is the only talk circulating- in messages, statuses, news channels, newspapers, everywhere. When everyone is talking about it and the government taking such intense action to limit the spread, it becomes essential to let everyone know about it, including our children. As of now, the kids think they have an extended summer vacation and would love to go out and soak up the summer vibes. As parents, it is crucial to be fully aware of the situation and convey it without instilling fear in the little ones. In today’s blog, we will discuss everything that parents need to know about COVID-19.


What is Corona Virus?


Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a respiratory disease with symptoms like cough, cold, fever, breathing difficulty, etc. This virus is not partial to anyone and can affect anyone who comes in contact. Children and the elders are more vulnerable as their immune systems are not at their optimal.


What to do?

One clear shot solution is to stay isolated. Yes, it becomes difficult when you have kids who want to run out and enjoy their time off from studies and classes. That is where your role as a parent comes into play.

Here are some pointers to help you prepare your child to sail through this pandemic productively and healthily.


It is important to let the children know what is happening, though it is difficult. That being said, you shouldn’t make them fearful or paranoid, especially by watching the news in front of them. Explain with simple examples, the seriousness of the situations and make them aware of COVID-19, so, they do not get carried away with rumors or hold any misconception in their minds. Children might get frightened easily, but they are also more flexible in their minds to understanding correct information and not getting misguided. Explain to them in your own simple language about COVID-19 being a respiratory disease and how maintaining good hygiene and eating healthy foods can keep it away. Simple!


Encourage your children to eat wholesome, homemade meals. Make delicious and nutritious juices and soups. Including more fluids in their diet will ensure that it flushes out toxins from their body and also keeps them healthy with good nutrition. Keep your children hydrated at all times with water (preferably warm water), lemon juice, buttermilk, etc. Warm turmeric milk will also help build their immunity.

Personal Hygiene

There couldn’t have been a better time to teach your children the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene. This will not only equip them to win the war against this virus but also become a habit that they will continue to practice long after. Thoroughly washing your hands with soap before and after meals, closing the nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing, not spitting or throwing things on the road are the most common and basic manners that should be made a part of everyone’s daily routine. It helps avoid falling prey to diseases in general and in maintaining good health.


With educational institutions and workplaces being closed, this is a great opportunity for family members to spend quality time with each other. Take a break from the TV that is only highlighting COVID-19 headlines these days, and lighten the mood by playing some board games, looking at old family photos, sharing a good laugh. Teach your child the importance of bonding with family members. Share, care and be there for each other.

Activities for this Quarantine Period

Children can be pleased and content with simple things. Make a list of activities you can do while being in self-quarantine. Be it making crafty trinkets or baking delicious cupcakes or even teaching them to maintain a scrapbook. Many activities can be done with things lying around the house. Make use of it and share some of the ideas in the comments for others to see.

Tips to Bond During Quarantine Period

Yoga for Kids

Keeping kids active and engaged is also very important as they might tend to get bored indoors and their minds may wander to indulge in unproductive activities. Blow a balloon, blow out bubbles, sing a song out loud, keep their favorite stuffed toy on their belly and ask them to observe how it moves as they breathe in and out. Some of these fun techniques will help them practice breathing exercises and later on you can make them do equal breathing by inhaling and exhaling for equal counts starting with 2 seconds up to 4 or 5 seconds. Do not overdo it though!


Final Thoughts

This period may be stressful for all of us, but it is also a good opportunity to spend quality time with family and with our own selves. Stressing over this pandemic is definitely a choice and not a very healthy one.  Focus on taking care of your own health as well as of your family members. Educate, Entertain and Evolve out of this pandemic and not get Stressed, Depressed and Harassed by it!

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