H. Sequiera
Through the practice of yoga, one can strengthen one’s will power.
One does not have to do heroic things to develop one’s will power.
Doing some simple yoga practices, regularly and with devotion can
enhance one’s will power. Some selected Pranayama also do the same.
Keeping the mind one pointed, while doing the yoga practices, followed
by focusing the mind on a candle light, or on one’s breath or doing any
concentration-centering practice also helps.
This enhanced will power then can be applied to the daily chores.
Without delay and procrastination it one does the entire chores one has
to do willingly and with attention also enhance the will power.
Improving one’s self control in all dealings during the day, by control
of thought and speech also helps. Holding one’s tongue (metaphorically
that is), also helps one to develop will power and thus control the
mind. A short period of ‘mauna’ (inner and outer silence) greatly helps
to develop our will.
Control on one’s diet is also helpful. Eating at fixed times, foods
that enhance one’s mental energy is a good way to develop the will.
This control also extends to the quantity of food.
Going to bed early and getting up early helps one to plan one’s day and
then apply one’s will power to do all things well, with attention and
Thus Yoga provides us a framework to improve our will – drop by drop –
and develop our will.
To develop the will one does not have to do heroic things or think too
much; just do it.

Published in the October 2010 edition of Yoga & Total Health Magazine.
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