Top 5 Yoga Ideas # Relax in 5 Minutes

Sage Patanjali was very clever and for the genX the relevance of “yoga chitta vritti nirodha” cannot be stressed enough-Pun intended!

On a serious note- “stress” is the silent killer. Every one of us has problems in life. Question is how you deal with them. We in our smart attempt try to search for solutions by creating different hypothetical scenarios in our minds, this futile attempt only adds to increase the stress and anxiety levels. All of the systems are in over-gear; it’s like putting your feet on accelerator of the car with breaks on. Image the harm you are doing to your system.

We are running around in our heads so much that we are literally out of breath! By the end of the day we are mentally exhausted and drained of energy. Central cause for all diseases is “The Mind” So let’s get to express solutions and learn to relax the thoughts processes by doing simple pranayama yoga.
Note: For Best result consult an experienced yoga teacher.

Easy to do …Top 5 Yoga Ideas # Relax in 5 Minutes

Pranayama Yoga to control the mind and cool down this summer
-The breath is the key-

Yogendra Paranyama I (Equal Breathing)- You might think that I breathe every-day. Important question is how do I breathe every-day?First thing is to pay attention to the air you inhale into the lungs; it’s a conscious effort not just a mechanical process. Breathing is a vital force, which nourishes your body. Deep conscious breathing helps by reducing stress levels and increases oxygen amount at cellular levels. If you want to relax quickly; breathe in and breathe out equal amount of air or Yogendra Pranayama I. Breathing should be smooth and non-jerky inhalation and exhalation of air. You can easily do this by sitting in your office chair or from your train seat. Just close your eyes and be comfortable (this can be easily done sitting, standing, or lying down).

Yogendra Pranayama – IV (Abdominal Breathing)- Lie supine. Bend both knees, keeping feet close to buttocks. Place one hand on the abdomen. Inhale moving abdomen upwards. Exhale moving abdomen downwards. Keep inhalation/exhalation equal; start with three seconds, maximum eight. Breathing becomes long, deep, steady and continuous, diaphragm is activated and freed, and lung utilization becomes fuller. Thereby, all the abdominal organs are relaxed and revitalized. Balance is restored at emotional and mental levels.

Sheetali Pranayama-We are always pressed for time. Next time, while you are waiting for your local train before you rush in and start your day. Try Cooling –Sheetali Pranayama few rounds. Curl the sides of your tongue upwards, breathe through the mouth and hold the breath for few seconds. Slowly exhale through the nose. Repeat 5 rounds. You will experience your body temperature cools down.

Sheetali Pranayama

Sheetkari Pranayama-For those of you who find Sheetali (tongue rolling) challenging try Sheetkari Pranayama- Mouth open and teeth clenched. Press the tongue against the teeth. Breathe in through the mouth. Hold few seconds. Breathe out through the nose. Repeat 5 rounds. Thereby the body temperature cools down.

Calm the nerves- Chandra Bhedana Pranayama-Summer time mean temperature is hot outside and chances are bright that we are likely to lose our tempers, get easily irritate and impatient. That’s where Chandra Bhedana Pranayama helps. You start by inhaling from the left nostril and exhaling from the right nostril. This breathing technique cleanses the nadis (internal energy channels) and has a cooling effect on the nervous system. Repeat 5 rounds.

Chandra Bhedana Pranayama

We also recommend Nispandabhava and Meditation

Nispandabhava-is derived from the Sanskrit words ‘nispanda’—non-changing and ‘bhava’—a state of mind. In Nispandabhava one tries to listen to the sound without analysing or judging the sound. This helps passive listening. Passive listening helps to stop the analytical operative of the intellect. Then this helps to disconnect emotional response facilitating mental calm and relaxation. This can be practiced anytime and anywhere. More Details Click Here

We also recommend daily meditation click here to learn meditation for beginners and benefits of meditation.

Thus de-stress this summer with these easy to do Pranayama Yoga and play it cool!

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