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Deflate Your Bloated Tummy with these Techniques


Does it feel like your clothes have suddenly become tight? Or your stomach is going to burst? Are you thinking of hitting the gym or starting a new diet plan? Before you start, find out if it is truly the need of the hour. The sudden increase in the waistline is usually due to bloating. Learn how to deflate your bloated tummy with these techniques.

Overeating or eating in a rush and with your mouth open is the reason for bloating. These actions increase the gas in the digestive tracts causing uneasiness. This issue is seen among many professionals due to their hectic work schedules and fast-paced lifestyle.

Simple techniques can help arrest this issue and prevent a ton of awkward moments. Let’s look at some of these tips.



  • Eat food slowly and with your mouth closed
  • Avoid drink aerated water
  • Practice Pavanmuktasana on the chair before going for lunch (video is given below)
  • After your meal, walk for 10-15 minutes before you get back to work




  • Alternate nostril breathing
  • Shavasana on the chair
  • Dynamic Utkatasana
  • Live in the present and don’t stress about the Past or the Future



  • Practice Mauna (silence) when you feel edgy with the situation at work
  • Don’t let your mood affect the team
  • Discuss the situation so a solution can be achieved collectively


Now, it is time to gain control of your life and put an end to all the stress. You will notice that once you are happy at your workplace and the work you do, everything else falls in place.

Other than that, if you start taking conscious actions all the aches and pains will cease to exist.

Take care of your mind and body by regularly practicing the techniques mentioned in this blog. Watch the videos to understand how to perform them.

Keep practicing and be healthy and happy.

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