Dining Hall

You are what you eat. As the food, so is the mind; as the mind, so is the man. Yet, as the pace of life changes, as our lifestyles transform, we adopt new foods, not necessarily healthy, and discard beneficial foods from our diet. We create an imbalance in our overall well-being due to our callous attitude to our diet as well as our confusion over what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat.


The Yoga Institute is home to a well-planned kitchen where the students and campers are assured of freshly cooked, wholesome food. Only Sattvic food is prepared, under supervision, in a hygienic process in an open kitchen. There is an equal emphasis on nutrition as well as taste. Simple eating is the mantra of yoga, and Sattvic recipes are prepared with minimum oil, without onion, garlic, and spice. The herbal tea served at the Dinning Hall is popular among visitors and a healthier alternative to the usual coffee and tea.


Adjoining the kitchen is the Dining Hall which is designed to promote eating with a Sattvic state of mind. As it is not advisable to eat food in a disturbed state of mind, diners are advised to eat their meals in silence. The Institute also keeps a check on its environmental footprint by serving meals only in reusable, stainless steel utensils; we also refrain from using paper napkins and paper towels.


The diners sit on the floor to eat their meals in the Dining Hall. This is an ancient Indian tradition and has its roots in yoga. It requires the diners to sit cross-legged in the Sukhasana posture. Some of the health benefits of eating in this manner include better digestion, improved posture, feeling calm, and also weight management. However, those with physical health limitations have access to chairs too.