Dishonesty is not the best policy – Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra


Morality is the basis of good interpersonal relationships. We see this in our life. We grew up in our family maintaining the right attitudes; we function in society maintaining certain well-accepted norms. Were we to transgress this basic code of conduct we will end up into trouble as most of us in this modern world do.

There is the story of three thieves who functioned together. Once they stole very valuable jewellery from a busy jewellery shop. They ran away to a remote forest area. As they were cooling their heels one of them expressed his desire to look for liquor in one nearby habitation. No sooner he left, the other 2 became greedy and decided to add poison they carried into the partner’s food. After a while the second thief wanted to attend to nature call. The third thief who was alone added the poison to the second partner’s food. Finally, when they sat together for food, two thieves died. The third collected the booty and fled. Unfortunately, it being a jungle, a wild animal attacked the escaping thief and killed him.

The student of Yoga makes a clear commitment to higher values and lives up to them even in the midst of material attractions.

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