#DIY Quick Top 5 Yoga Tips to keep the exam stress at bay#

Exam month dictates sore eyes, stacks of paper everywhere, so much to do and yet very little time. Mobiles taken away by parents and no time for friends; sounds like that “time of the year,” isn’t it?

Well dear students, no need to give in to pressure or crumble under anxiety. Try out these, cool DIY (Do IT Yourself) TOP 5 Yoga tips and tricks that will help you keep the exams stress and anxiety at bay.

# Tip 1 “Just Breathe” Pranayama

Breath and mind are inter-related. Before you sit for studies, just take 10 minutes and do Equal Breathing (Yogendra Pranayama I) – Just breathe in and breathe out, equal amount of air, smoothly without jerks or strain. Do 5 rounds. You can also try Nadi Shodhan Pranayama or Alternate nostril breathing technique. These will help you to keep your nervous system calm and aid mental peace. Ability to learn is better when the mind is clam.

# Tip 2 “Early to bed and early to rise”

Make it a point – during the exam month, you make an effort to sleep early and rise early. Morning sunrise, is the best time to get active and due few light yoga exercises. You can try, all forwarding bending yoga poses or exercise like Hastapadasana, Paschimottanasana, Chakrasana. These will increase blood circulation to the head region and improve the amount of oxygenation to the head. This will help you to keep clam, focused and sharp during exam time. (Ensure you do the asanas right; under supervision with the help of a qualified yoga teacher)

# Tip 3 Natural Sedative Pranayama

Brahmari Pranayama – Try this, it is an excellent way to feel invigorated and calm immediately. Relax your body, sit straight with back erect and chin parallel to the ground. Shut your eyes relax them as well. Close your ears using your thumb. Take a deep, full breath slowly, and exhale slowly, while making a humming sound (Like a bumble bee) Repeat 5 rounds. This promotes a sense of calm instantly.

# Tip 4 Stretching exercises or Shukashmavayam

These are regular stretches that can be easily done sitting in a chair.

  • Shoulder rotation or Sakandha Chakra– Keep your back straight and chin parallel to the ground. Place the fingers of your right hand on your right shoulder. Keep the left hand relaxed on the left knee with back straight. Rotate the right elbow making a circle. Practice 5 times clockwise and 5 times anti- clockwise. Repeat the same with your left elbow. This will relieve the strain and stress of the shoulder region. You will feel relaxed and can continue to study on your chair for a longer period of time.
  • Neck Exercise or Greeva Sanchalana -This also can be easily done sitting in a chair. Keep your back erect. Slowly move your head forward, taking your chin toward the chest. Now move the head towards the back as much you can (do not strain.) Feel the stretch of the neck muscles. Now, bring your right ear towards right shoulder. Do not raise your shoulder. Repeat this with your left ear to your left shoulder. Do 5 rounds. Feel the relief of tension in the neck muscles. Prolonged study time at the desk makes the neck muscles tensed, so good idea to do this while taking few quick short breaks during study or revision time to do the stretches.

# Tip 5 Meditation as a Tool

Success Mantra for exams -Try to meditate on a daily basis for at-least 10 minutes. Any meditation technique is fine, be it guided meditation or reflective meditative technique. Use this to your advantage during studying. It helps you to learn faster and recollection is better.

Diet Tip during exams– All the mother are on high alert, so light fresh meals with ample of green veggies and 12 glasses of liquid daily recommended to both!

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