DIY #Top 10 Tips to remove holi color#

Holi in its all splendid galore is over; now the dreaded aftermath. The colour trail…some use colours that might cause skin irritation and staining. Here are some tips and tricks that you can Do It Yourself(DIY) at home- scrubs and packs, to take care of your skin and hair the natural way. (Please note these are just suggestions and not solutions. Please check with your dermatologist.)

For Hair -Organic packs from kitchen

  • You should avoid shampooing your hair immediately after playing holi. Make a paste of curd, lemon zest and fine grounded methi(fenugreek seeds) powder leave it for atleast 40 minutes and rinse with room temperature or cold water.
  • Almond oil or Coconut oil massage is also an effective way or use coconut milk (you can use this before you go out playing as well.) This creates a protective layer and leaves the hair moisturised. Leave for about 35 minutes and rinse off with mild shampoo with cold or luke warm water.
  • Mustard oil or castor oil mixed with dried shikakai powder. Leave it for 35 minutes and rinse off with mild shampoo with luke warm water.

Important Do Not -Tip– Refrain from getting hair treatments like bleaching, hair colouring etc., immediately after holi. Wait for atleast 2 to 3 weeks before opting for any chemical products for your hair.

For Face- Kitchen thy Dispensary

  • The skin of your face is delicate and thinner compared to skin covering other parts. Hence mild homemade organic scrubs are suggested- Mix aloe gel with few drops of olive oil leave for 5 minutes and wash with water.
  • Make a paste of Gram flour with coconut oil and rose water. Leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse off with luke-warm water and gentle glycerine based mild soap.
  • Soak medicated cotton balls in almond oil or coconut oil and add few drops of rose water. Use these to remove colour. Be gentle do not rub vigorously. Wash your face again and again will remove the helpful moisture content. Coconut oil helps to moisturize in a gentle way.

Body Scrubs- All Natural and easy to DIY

  • Grate cucumber mix with gram flour and add few drops of sweet almond oil. Apply over whole body leave for 10 minutes and scrub it off with cold water. Cucumber is a natural cleaner and detoxifying agent. Gram flour and oil are protective in function against rashes.
  • Mix papaya pulp mashed with gram flour and rice powder. Add pinch of turmeric. Apply the mixture and leave it on for 5 minutes. Scrub off with luke warm water. Papaya has natural enzymes that are exfoliating in nature and turmeric acts as an antiseptic.
  • Mix together milk, gram flour, honey and pinch of turmeric. This will not only deep cleanse your skin but with hydrate it as well.
  • In equal proportion; mix together rice flour, gram flour and bran. Add little turmeric and orange zest granules. Add one tsp of olive oil. This scrub is a good cleaner and an effective moisturise. It tones and firms up your skin. It adds a nice glow to your skin.

Play it smart and be safe. Turn to your kitchen and dispense these DIY tips and enjoy health and happiness.

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