Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

Remembering Dr. Jayadeva Yogendraji – Celebrating Birth Anniversary of the Master at The Yoga Institute

Remembering Dr. Jayadeva Yogendraji

Dr. Jayadeva is no longer with us on the physical front, but he continues to live in your hearts forever through his kind words and teachings. He epitomised the Yoga way of life. He was a simple man and direct in his approach to things, people, places, events to everything and every moment.  Careful with his words and honesty reflected in all aspects of his life. His presence was enough to tell anyone in need or trouble that things are going to be okay.  A divine presence who helped and solved everything making life worthwhile for the living.

Our real education started with him—the real education, not the bookish education—it was educating the soul. It was like Upanishadic training at the feet of the Master.


— A Sadhaka

Often we underestimate the power of a genuine smile, a kind word, an empathetic ear, an honest compliment, the subtle act of caring, and that colossal potential to turn a life around befittingly describes Dr. Jayadeva’s personality!

Father’s pride and joy- Dr. Jayadeva’s childhood was innately Yogic. His birth, childhood, dreams were destined to uphold the values instilled by his father Shri Yogendraji. The karmic bond was strong and every wish the father had; was a command for Dr. Jayadeva. Honest and obedient he completed every task his father gave with diligence. He wanted to make medicine his choice vocation but his father suggested Sanskrit and Philosophy, and he took to the path mentioned without any misgivings.

Shri Yogendraji taught Dr. Jayadeva everything he knew about Yoga. Dr. Jayadeva was a hardworking student, and both father cum teacher watched him in awe. Shri Yogendraji could not help but feel fulfilled with joy on many occasions he observed and mentioned:

“Jayadeva never gets angry he is a true yogi!”

Once, a tedious task of carrying heavy anvil was given by his father. Dr. Jayadeva did not ask any questions and carried the load without any assistance and while carrying out the work he was injured by a nail, but he continued without any complaints. His bloody footprint gave away his injury yet he was unmoved, and founder said-“He does not get hungry, thirsty, does not ask anything and he is beyond and above body pain surely blessed with a divine yogic son!”

Dr Hansaji Yogendra- Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra, a true yogi and exemplary Yoga teacher of our times, was a humanitarian and a prodigious spiritual divinity. A contemporary Yoga Guru, ‘who actually followed what he taught.’ His simplicity and ‘Less is more’ philosophy is what set him apart. Dr. Jayadeva carried forward the Yoga legacy with lot of reverence and diligent hard work. Dr. Jayadeva worked tirelessly towards developing the subtle dimensions of the consciousness. He emphasised on consciousness growth. He was an avid reader with brilliant academia achievements. A great Yoga Guru, doting father and a devoted husband. Sadhakas and students at the Institute used to flock him.

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra was a real Karma Yogi! –Raza Murad (Famous Hindi Film Actor on Dr Jayadeva) few lines in his honour-

The Yoga Institute is one such place which has been quietly and selflessly working for the past 100 years for the welfare of society. Dr. Jayadeva who had been the President of the Institute was a remarkable person. A real yogi and karma yogi. He was a God-sent gift to benefit people of this world. He lived his life for others. The innovator of Bhavas with Yoga and introducing Yoga to schools and Yoga education to the entire nation.  He used to speak very less and always had a gentle smile on his face.

“परिंदो को मिलेगी मंज़िल एक दिन, ये फैले हुए उनके पर बोलते है, वही लोग रहते है खामोश अक्सर, ज़माने में जिनके हुनर बोलते है!”

Warm wishes and respects to a Great Guru. We continue to draw inspiration from his wisdom, kindness, wit and commitment to truth. In essence, he continues to live on forever through his invaluable teachings and in hearts of his millions of his students who are spreading his message of Yoga and world peace across all the seven continents.

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Also Check Yoga Sutra of Patanjali https://goo.gl/DqNXoc

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