Ease Neck and Back Pain at Work

Ease Neck and Back Pain at Work with these Simple Techniques

There is a common saying that man dies for a job that will replace him in a week’s time. Everyone wishes to be successful in life but it shouldn’t be at the cost of your health. Today, the first thing we do the second we wake up is to reach out for our smartphones. With all the digital privileges we tend to not listen to our body and its needs. As a result, we end-up feeling weak and tired with various aches and pains.

This week we will look at some of the most common issues faced by working professionals and understand how small conscious adjustments can bring about a positive change.

Let us start with the spine, which includes our neck and back. Look around you and you’ll find at least eight out of ten people with their heads bent looking into their phones. Moreover, when we sit in front of our systems for long hours we don’t concentrate on the posture. This may seem trivial at the moment but in the long run, it is the root cause of the neck and back pain that is inevitable.

We will look at the neck and back pain at three different levels to give you an overall relief without having to spend hours at the gym. Starting with the Physical level tips, then the Psychological level tips and finally the Organisational level tips.

Physical Level

  • Start your day with some neck warm-ups, these are known as Shukshma Vyayama
  • As much as possible, adjust the screen to the level of your eyes to reduce pressure on the spine
  • Alternate between focusing on a near and far object to calm the optic nerves
  • Occasionally, arch your spine backward while sitting on the chair
  • Parvatasana is another effective exercise that can be done while sitting on your chair

Psychological Level

  • Every two hours stop your work for five minutes, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. This helps realign your focus and get you back to the task in hand
  • If you feel too stressed out, calm your thoughts by counting back from hundred to one
  • There are multiple benefits of Pranayamas as well. You can practice diaphragmatic or deep breathing, even Bhramari Pranayama or Rechaka is very effective in helping calm a scattered mind

To see how these practices can be implemented in your daily routine, watch the video. Dr. Hansaji Yogendra shows how all the mentioned techniques can be performed while sitting at your desk.

Organisational Level

  • Talk to your managers to help distribute tasks among your peers to prevent overloading
  • Make a to-do list and get done with the most difficult tasks first
  • Even with all the time management adjustments, if you are unable to complete a given task, come back the next day and complete it. Don’t force yourself to finish it as it will not reflect your true potential


At the end of the day, we perform best only when we are the happiest. So, take time to reflect and be grateful for the opportunity at hand and commit to giving it your hundred percent. This simple change in attitude itself will work wonders and help you become more productive and also keep you healthy.



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