Eco-friendly Yoga Mats- TYI

Eco-friendly Yoga Mats- TYI

Yoga on an uneven or cold surface takes away from your yoga practise. Hard surface of flooring might cause discomfort and can cause pain. When performing Surya Namaskar, downward dog pose or warrior pose you need a firm grip, which plain flooring cannot provide. Also you might feel pain or stress on your knees or hips and back of your head when performing various yoga poses. For example- when you are performing difficult asana such as sarvangasana, bhujansana, chakrasana, tree pose etc. you need firm footing and grip. You also produce sweat while practising various yoga asanas and poses this might cause you to slip and lose balance. Hard floor or tiled flooring poorly conducts heat and you lose energy so a yoga mat is essential when you are performing any yoga practise such as asana, meditation, pranayama, dharana or dhyana etc.

The Yoga Institute brings to you its latest offering an eco-friendly option that is a mush have- TYI eco-friendly yoga mats. Benefits of using TYI yoga mat are many —

  • Suit all body types (6 feet X 2.5 Feet) – It is perfect for all your yoga practice needs
  • Anti-skid mat adheres to all kinds of flooring
  • Light, handy and easily fold-able with a slip on cover perfect for all your travel needs
  • Eco-friendly and special sweat absorbent material
  • You can easily Hand wash at home and eco-friendly colors used
  • Organic material used is a combination of toughen pure cotton and can be easily recycled
  • Thickness of the mat is enough to provide a good grip and it is long lasting
  • Available in four different colours with different bhavas as a theme
  • Buy Eco Friendly Yoga Mats-TYI; Four Attractive Colours with Yogic Theme

  1. Dharma Bhava (Duty) Theme (Pink Colour)
  2. Jana Bhava (Knowledge) Theme (Blue Colour)
  3. Vairagaya Bhava (Objectivity) Theme (Yellow Colour)
  4. Aishwarya (Self-Reliance) Theme (Brown Colour)

TYI yoga mat is a unique and handy tool. It represents a space and mind place so that you can reap maximum benefits out of your yoga practise. Buy Yoga Mat…call us Tel: +91-22-26122185/+91-22-26110506 Order today

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