Equal Streets & The Yoga Institute Initiative –April Edition 2017

Sunday morning saw the wake of a splendid movement of exercising equal street citizens’ right and The Yoga Institute initiation of free Yoga sessions by the volunteers for the people from different walks of life.

Venue: The Yoga Institute in association with Equal Streets was allotted two prime spots to conduct free yoga sessions- at Kaifi Azmi Park and Pushpa Narsee Park at Juhu. (A small section of Juhu Road, Vile Parle (West); one side of the road was closed and the other side was open for general traffic.)

Session started with a prayer meet by the volunteers at 6:30am. Then, the Karma Yoga spirit of selfless service took its own turn. All the volunteers laid out the yoga mats and welcomed everyone with open arms to try out free sessions of Yoga. The learners interest was garnered and they had lots of questions from general to specific health management and yoga example-

  • How is Yoga and diabetes management related?
  • How Yoga can work for Thyroid care?
  • How to manage stress and reduce weight?
  • What are the benefits of Yoga Techniques in daily life?

The volunteers attended and answered to all their queries, once all the free sessions concluded.

The fresh air with no honking and traffic was good. Mauna or Silence of the street was pleasing to the eardrums. It was a no pollution zone for the allotted time slot. It did well for children to have open space to play around freely without mothers worrying about traffic.

Onlookers had smiles on their face and curiosity to learn about the ancient art of living-Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga taught at the esteemed The Yoga Institute- Oldest Organised Yoga Centre in the world!

Autism awareness month and The Yoga Institute care saw participation of autistic kids from Vishesh Child Development Center. The special people who made the event amazing were autistic kid’s energy and enthusiasm to learn yoga asanas.

Apart from them, Yoga sessions saw a whole host of visitors from HR-executive, housewives, to the top level management staff. Everyone found the concept of holistic health using The Yoga Institute techniques helpful to keep the stress away.

Join us and take double advantage of Equal Street #free yoga sessions with The Yoga Institute, yoga for all on the next equal street Sunday. Please call us and register for free…check out the website for more details…Click here

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