Every Moment a Wonder!

It is easy to twist one’s body and sit in knots in an Asana, but it is hard to maintain a balanced state of mind during a crisis.

Unfortunately, in our conversation we keep repeating, “The world is going to the dogs!”, “Things are now worse than they were 20 years back”, “There is so much corruption all around”, etc.
This has happened because very often our own perceptions are at fault. The situation as such is not that dangerous. Another person looking at the situation can see there is nothing wrong. The mystic would say, “If God is with me, who can be against me!”
Such an awareness comes easily to one given to experiencing what is called Aklista Vrittis’s (non-painful states) like contentment, faith, etc.
There are instances of mystics and Sufis who expressed such sentiments. One such mystic had a standard phrase on his lips wherever he was and that was “Kamal Ho Gaya!” which meant, “Something wonderful has happened!” It could be a child that cried, or a mother that laughed.
Often in the day some kind of assurance should grow into us.
Do we see the world as it is?
Or do we colour it,
forming opinions all the time?
We must study and
overcome this habit.
The inhabitants of Braj
were not music critics.
They truly enjoyed
Sri Krishna’s music.
This practice loosens all joints, stretches the spine, strengthens shoulders, arms and thighs, expands the chest and lungs, massages and improves blood flow to pelvic organs.
Sharad Chauhan
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