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Fitness and Yoga: Wholistic Approach

Fitness and Yoga: Wholistic Approach

Today’s generation has a lot of choices, especially those living in the cities. On a daily basis eating meals and watching TV is common. This ultimately leads to obesity and brings with it host of diseases like Diabetes I & II; thyroid problems, PMS disorders and PCOS etc. Generally, both parents are working so lifestyle and food choices are unhealthy causing lifestyle disorders and diseases.

The success mantra for today’s lifestyle disease is Yoga. It is a complete tool to optimise wellness. The Yoga Institute’s ancient knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga offers correct values and AVAV fundamental to live life in a holistic way.

A complete fitness guide that helps you towards a better living with a strong body and mind connect.

What is, ‘being healthy’? It is to be physically strong, mentally calm and emotionally balanced. The situations will vary in life but you need not feel rough inside. When the mind is judging it is stuck in a stiff mode and we are not in a balanced health.

TYI yoga is a perfect science that deals with the mind, body and spirit. It encourages correct ethics by living yoga each day by following the Yamas and Niyamas. Yoga teaches self-restraint and taking care of a stronger mind and body-connect.


follow Yama n Niyama

AVAV fundamental to live life

Ahar (Diet) –

The festive season is on so eating mindfully should be the norm. Chew your food well. Eat when hungry. Limit the sweets intake. The best diet is a Sattvic meal when hungry. Stop overeating. We can express love another way also rather than just overfeeding all the time.

Vihar (Recreation) –

Diwali is the season of loving, sharing and caring. Family time is a must. Stop WhatsAap and cool apps instead hug each other that can solve any problem. Play games, sing songs and tell jokes.

Achar (Routines) –

Festival season should not be an excuse to oversleep and over eat. Maintain your routines persistently. Wash your mouth with water and gargle after eating sweets. Yoga asanas with mindfulness should be done meticulously. All forwarding bending asana help like Hastapadasana, Pavanmukt asana help to digest the food overload.

Vichar (Thinking) –

Think happy thoughts and do good deeds. We can attempt to forgive our enemies and do our karama this Diwali. Always try to be positive or neutral in that order – Pratipaksha Bhava helps. Absorb these four fundamental pillars (AVAV) both on and off Yoga mat to experience yoga as a way of healthy living.

Opt for a wholistic approach for a healthier and joyful living the natural way …Join Today click here for all the details

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