Follow these things to whiten your teeth


Nearly every one of us would like to have a glossy, dazzling smile; filled with perfectly white teeth. People generally feel self-conscious because of the yellowing and browning of the teeth. Teeth enamel that protects teeth is white, but it reveals the dentil’s underlying layer when it wears out. Dentil is yellowish in hue. Also, Tea and Coffee contain tannins and acids responsible for browning of teeth when consumed in excessive amounts.

Some natural ways to restore the whiteness of your teeth and maintain oral hygiene


1) Salt and lemon juice

Salt and lemon juice is the simplest and the easiest remedy to whiten your teeth. Rub the mixture of salt and lemon juice for whitening your teeth and improving your gum health. Salt acts as a mild abrasive, and it removes the stains and brightens your teeth. Also, lemon juice has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.

Take one tablespoon of salt and mix it with two tablespoons of lemon juice to make a thick paste. Brush your teeth with this paste at least for a minute. You can use this formula twice or thrice a week.

2) Mango leaves

Another fantastic technique to whiten your teeth is by using mango leaves. We all love eating mangoes for its deliciousness and nutritional benefits, but its leaves can give immense dental benefits.

Pluck fresh leaves from the mango tree. Wash it thoroughly. Rub the leaf on your teeth or chew the mango leaf and rub its paste on your teeth. Do this for 1-2 minute and spit the waste out. The mangiferin in the leaf acts as an anti-bacterial and removes the stain in your teeth.

3) Neem datun

Usage of neem datun or neem twigs for cleaning the teeth is one of the most traditional methods in India. If you go to rural India, you can see people, even today, chewing neem datun early morning as routine oral care.

Neem datun have an important phytochemical called azadirachtin. A very effective anti-microbial agent azadirachtin keeps the oral germs away. Neem datun is one of the most effective ways of cleaning to reduce the stains on your teeth. It also reduces the plaque formation on your teeth enamel.

Chewing and brushing with neem twig also release neem juices and oils, which are essential ingredients in many kinds of toothpaste and dental care products. 

Follow these above techniques and make your teeth strong, white and bright.

 So next time you beam at your selfie, let your teeth radiate a perfect smile!

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