full moon meditation june 2020 tyi

Just like the full moon affects the oceans and seas, it has a similar effect on us, as we are made up of 75% of water. It can amplify our consciousness, heighten the activities of the mind, and helps to pull the subconscious mind to the surface. Full meditation gives us an opportunity to connect deeply with our nature and true inner wisdom.


In the daily bustle of life, it’s important to seek experiences that bring you a calming bliss. And if you haven’t sat in under the serene glow of a full moon, radiating subtle calmness then you have missed out on a truly enriching experience.


But do not worry. On every full moon day, we at the Yoga Institute sit under this divine light to meditate and find balance and alignment under the heaven’s celestial glow! Unburden your stress by joining us for this meditation on full moon nights and feel your stress and your worries melting sway under the soft cool night breeze under the moon.


A lot of us forget the healing powers of the moon by just looking at it as a celestial body. But a full moon is naturally calming and influences your body and mind in a de-stressing manner. The night time is also preferred by a lot of ancient gurus as it is naturally quiet and peaceful.  All you have to do is experience it once to be convinced of it.


We at The Yoga Institute, use every full moon night to dive deep into meditation. It can really help to experience the divine presence all around us in a much better, much deeper manner. Practicing on the roof and receiving the direct glow of the full moon will soothe your senses and bring you peace.


Join us for this truly unique meditation experience and immerse into the beautiful white light of the moon. Let the moon help you to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body.