Gaumkhasana or the Cow-head posture is most conductive to establish harmony and rhythm which is suited for concentration. Just like the holy cow being calm in the middle of the chaos, this asana will also bring a sense of serenity within.

It helps stretch the groin, forearms and thigh abductors, wrist extensors and shoulder rotator cuff. Regular practice reduces stress and develops calmness of mind.

“Balance yourself and achieve the calmness, so that your actions can freely flow.”

The right posture coupled with the right breathing technique will help you achieve your goal effortlessly. It can literally be considered the art of working with the senses as a gateway to a deeper aspect of the mind.

Gaumukhasana also balances the bilateral nature of the physical body. We usually have a dominant side or the side which we use the most. Yoga believes in the equanimity and so Gaumukhasana helps in reaching there.

Our video gives you a more detail view of the benefits and contraindications along with how to practice the asana.

With this we come to the end of our second asana in the Traditional Asana series. We will see you in the next blog, till then keep practicing and tell us more about the results in the comments below.

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