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Germans are here 15th May, 2016

20 bright eyed curious German tourists visited our Institute today 15th May, 2016. Two of them were slightly familiar with the word Yoga but the rest who were either mountain bikers or in to athletics were enthusiastic to know what is Yoga. They were here on a cultural excursion, visiting the world famous Yoga Institute in Mumbai was one of the important programmes on their itinerary.

They were introduced to the Institute’s philosophy of attitudinal training Dharma, Jnana, Vairagya and Aishwarya. While they were being explained the importance of duty towards oneself that is to love and care for oneself create some quality “Me time” for relaxation etc. One hand shot up with this question ” So, Yoga philosophy teaches Selfishness?” This impish question needed gentle rectification. So the answer was,“Not selfishness but self awareness , self consciousness helps one to equip with the abilities to make oneself capable of selflessness.

They enjoyed the practical session on simple Hand and neck stretches, Parwatasana, Yastikasana, Bhadrasana. They loved the meditation session the most as they appreciated the thoughtless state in Meditative posture. They learnt the importance of quietitude of mind for clarity and balanced state of mind.

They appreciated our Institute books some were impressed with the recipe book as the recipes were devoid of any spice. They posed for pictures enjoyed the mango trees laden with fruits and also our special Naga champa tree enjoying the mythological story behind the Kailash tree. They left the premises beaming.

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