Gita Shloka


Dr. Jayadeva- 16th October- 6.30 pm.
“See, this is the 3rd chapter of the gita, continuously carry on your work, this is all about work, because work is superior to inaction. Even the physical body cannot function if it does’t work. Unless you eat your food and digest it and evacuate it, the body can’t survive. So that’s the arrangement of nature. We can’t just suddenly get depressed and withdraw and sit aside. It can’t last long. And when it lasts for some time it does a lot of harm. So that is just about disease. But in life also action is necessary. Do your work, keep busy , don’t get too disturbed by results and that’s the way you live. There will be good times. You see we get depressed when there’s a little bad event, but that also goes. So a very simple common sense instruction, if you want to survive, if you want to live then don’t stop work.”

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