The Yoga Institute in Goa is an abode of holistic Yoga wellness – a perfect path to self-discovery and self-improvement.


The Goa centre of The Yoga Institute at the Viva Chorão, located on Chorâo Island is a sublime location, which is less than 30 min drive from capital city of Panjim and a 15 minutes relaxing ferry ride through the serene waters and picturesque surroundings. Viva Chorâo is ensconced on the banks of river Mandovi and conveniently located just 5 kms away from the capital city.


The magical island is a bird lover’s paradise. Mango trees, an inviting infinity pool, lush greenery, birds chirping and winding rivers place you right in the lap of nature.


The Goan styled residential quarters are equipped with the latest amenities and spotless washrooms.  Staff is polite and offer timely service. Also, there is a separate kid’s play area.


The Yoga Institute wellness centre currently offers Yoga Basic TTC (200 hours Teacher Training Course In Goa) and Better Living Yoga Retreat residential programmes for everyone. Enjoy an idyllic getaway and experience holistic yoga immersions with TYI.


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200 Hour Basic Teacher’s Training Certification (TTC) is a 26 days basic training course which prepares/certifies students for teaching Yogic Techniques to normal healthy adults and school children. This course starts on the 1st of every month.  It covers the theoretical and practical aspects of Yoga.


The syllabus consists of introduction to the history and background of Yoga and Yoga practices, Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas with their related benefits, limitations and contraindications, methodology and lesson planning, public speaking, diet and yoga hygiene, essential of Anatomy and Physiology, communication and teaching skills. Study of selected Yoga Sutras and Introduction to Hatha Yoga is also a part of the curriculum.


Apart from the above we also teach the students some unique techniques and concepts that are pioneered by the founder of our institute. Our faculty is highly trained and experienced to impart this knowledge to the students.


Students are presented certificate on successful completion of the course. Certification ceremony is organised on last day of the course for students who pass the examinations.




Monday to Saturday:  06:30 a.m. to 07:00 p.m. (Sundays are off)


Jan 1- Jan 26

Apr 1 - Apr 26

Jul 1 - Jul 26

Oct 1 - Oct 26

Feb 1- Feb 26

May 1 - May 27

Aug 1 - Aug 27

Nov 1 - Nov 26

Mar 1 - Mar 26

Jun 1 - Jun 26

Sep 1 - Sep 26

Dec 1 - Dec 26



Monday to Saturday:  06:30 a.m. to 07:00 p.m. (Sundays are off)

10% Early Bird Discount available for registration and advance booking 3 months prior to the course dates. Join Now!


BASIC TTC (200 Hours) Single Occupancy Twin Sharing Four Sharing
RESIDENTIAL ₹ 1,24,999/- ₹ 89,999 /- ₹ 49,999 /-
NON - RESIDENTIAL* ₹ 44,999 /-



4 Satvik Veg Meals & use of general facilities.

Excursion to the Dr Salim Ali bird sanctuary.

Complimentary airport / train station pickup for residential students.


Have limited time and still wish to experience a day filled with Yoga and meditation in a peaceful and rejuvenating environment? Even if you are new to Yoga, you will get a chance to experience the benefits and learn the fundamentals of this ancient practice. Come relax and unwind in the tranquil setting of our rejuvenation centre @ Chorâo Island, Goa.


Our Goan style residential quarters are equipped with the latest amenities and spotless washrooms. The staff is polite, ready to cater to your every need. There is also a separate play area for children if you want to get them along.


Enjoy an idyllic getaway from a regular work life and experience a holistic immersion with The Yoga Institute in Goa.


Single Occupancy

Twin Sharing

Four Sharing

  1 Day

  ₹ 5,999/- Day

  ₹ 4,499/- Day

  ₹ 3,999/- Day

  6 Nights / 7

  ₹ 34,999/-

  ₹ 25,999/-

  ₹ 22,999/-

  13 Nights / 14

  ₹ 74,999/-

  ₹ 54,999/-

  ₹ 49,999/-

  27 Nights / 28

  ₹ 1,49,999/-

  ₹ 99,999/-

  ₹ 94,999/-



4 Satvik Veg Meals & use of general facilities.

Visit to the Dr Salim Ali bird sanctuary for 6 nights stay and above.




Our daily schedule allows you to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind while still giving you the flexibility of spending the available free time as you please.


The day starts early morning with an Asana session where you get to experience and connect deeper with your inner self. This morning yogasana session features dynamic as well as static asanas and breathing practices to kickstart the day. We will also introduce you to the traditional way of doing sun salutations with awareness of breath and correct alignment.


This is followed by a morning yogic kriya session to clean the sinuses and also the eyes.


After a healthy breakfast you are free to indulge in our nature excursions and/or our very own, unique institutional practices.


In the afternoon you will be introduced to relaxation, the Yogic way. After this Yogic relaxation, you will be able to relax and stay centred in any environment, no matter how chaotic.


The evening begins with Pranayamas or breath work. Learn to use the power of Pranayamas to deal with the ever growing stress of a work/regular daily life using various breathing techniques to stay balanced.


As the sun sets, you begin aligning your body and breath to stretch, release and rejuvenate with a beautifully curated sequence that will be a perfect way to unwind your day. The evening ends with a meditation & reflection session.



The Yoga Institute, Goa

Near Our Lady of Grace Church, Madel Chorão, Tiswadi Goa, 403102.

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