“The energy of the place is like Diwali arrived a week early this year!” mentioned one of the visitors. The Good Food Festival turned in to a huge family get-together with more than 2000 people joining this great extravaganza.


We thank all the people, who made this festival a grand success. We thank all the guests, who honoured us with their presence, Chefs – Ranveer Brar, Yogesh Utekar, Siddarth Vadhavkar, Nutrition experts – Dr. Jagmeet Madan, Naaznin Husein, Dr. Aditi Khanduri, and music wizards – Suhaas ji,  Ipsita ji, Jayant ji, Swarna ji, and Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Café, and above all, our Guru, Pujya Maa Hansa J Yogendra, whose blessings and guidance is always with us. We thank all our mentors, volunteers, and our staff who made this possible. We thank all the contestants, who shared innovative and healthy recipes, and visitors, who become part of this grand festival. We hope that all of you had a great learning and fun! Click this link to access sattvic recipes booklet.


Good Food Festival offered a potpourri of   experiences, food talks, live demos, cooking contests, live tasting of tasty and healthy recipes by SNDT University students, healthy meals at the sattvik kitchen of The Yoga Institute, sattvik snacks served at on colourful thelas, farmers market, musical festival, yoga asana demo and tips.


All of us learned a great deal of simple and easy to implement food tips like – Cook with love and song in your heart, opt for homemade meals, make use of local millets and fresh spices, use locally grown ingredients, eat in moderation, and use recipes of grandmothers, or in short ‘Be Mindful right from buying ingredients to cooking, serving and eating’. We also had an overwhelming response to our recipe contests of ‘Break The Fast’, ‘Fast Food – The Yogic Way’and ‘Junior Masterchef’.


Don’t worry, if you missed 2018 edition of the food fest festival. Stay tuned for this year’s grand food fest 2019. Keep following our website and social media links to know the date, time and venue details.

About Good Food Festival | Taste, Ties, Types and Traditions


GFF – A festival to celebrate traditional nutritious food and associated knowledge systems, was started 100 years ago at the TYI, to provide best food options for conserving our ancient traditional Aharveda concept. This festival aspires to put the lesser known, but nutrient-rich food from various states on the plate of urban communities, helping them to adopt healthier food habits and lifestyle.


Objectives of the “Good Food Festival” – To provide a platform for popularizing traditional recipes made using forgotten crop varieties like Kodra (Paspalumscrobiculatum), Bavta (Elusinecoracana), Nagli (Elusinecoracana), Samo (Echinocloacolonum), Jowar (Sorghum vulgare), Bajri (Pennisetumglaucu), Ragi and maize (Zeamays) and to reconstitute the taste and nutritional value among the urban people with a vision to conserve such lesser known varieties”,  to encourage social transformation, promotion of healthy life-style, and expose urban people to such developmental initiatives.