Dr. Patanjali J. Yogendra

There is an incident regarding Mother Teresa described in B.K.R. Pais book ‘Mother of love’.

Mother saw a woman lying in a gutter in Calcutta Lane. She was being eaten away by worms, disease ridden and unconscious. Most passers by would steer clear of this woman to avoid the stench and filth. Mother Teresa however took her to her home for the destitute, gave her a bath and put her in bed. Afterwards, mother touched her hand to soothe her. The woman’s face for a few fleeting moments lit up with a serene smile and she said, “Thank you”. And then she died.

Mother Teresa, while recounting this incident, concluded that “Had I been in her position, I would have said that I am hungry, I am sick, thirsty or in pain. I could never have brought myself to say Thank you”. She says, “It is this woman who, taught me a lesson in Gratitude”.

None of us are, and I pray we never should be in the position of that woman, and yet how often we are grateful for all that is around us: for all of nature’s gifts and God’s blessings.

Published in the Nov 2010 edition of Yoga & Total Health Magazine.

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