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Auspicious festival of Gudi Padwa is here! This day overlaps with the first day of ‘Ghatasthapana’ and ‘Chaitra Navratri’. Gudi padwa feelings happy new year...lets get to the details. Celebrated throughout India, Gudi Padwa is associated with Bhavas of prosperity and luck for every household.

What is gudi padwa?

“Gudi” a symbol of prosperity and signifying victory of “Good over Evil”

According to an ancient folklore; when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya from exile after a period of 14 years, people welcomed their Hero by hoisting Gudis and lighting lamps in their windows to welcome him.

Another story associated with this particular festival. Chatrapati Shivaji started this tradition to celebrate his warriors’ victory over the cruel invaders. He was the first to raise the Gudi to encourage the feelings of patriotism and freedom for the mother land. Now a common practice that is followed in every Maharashtrian household.

How to make Gudi?

Gudi Padwa’s noticeable representation is an adorned bamboo stick displayed put out at the window or the main gate of house. “Gudi” is created using a bright green or yellow cloth with zari work border. It has mango or neem leaves and a garland of red flowers with sugar crystals. A copper or silver or earthen pot is placed at the top. Sanskrit word ‘Padwa’ means ‘first’, thus it is the first day of Hindu calendar representing abundance and victory of good over evil.

Mainly celebrated with much enthusiasm in Maharashtra. This propitious period marks the beginning of New Year. This day is celebrated throughout India with different names…

  • Gudi Padwa – Maharashtra
  • Ugadi in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh
  • Baisakhi – Punjab
  • Naba Barsha – Bengal
  • Goru Bihu – Assam
  • Puthandu – Tamil Nadu

“Life is a celebration”- Smt. Hansaji Yogendra

Celebrate this New Year with a difference.

  • During festival time, all the householders love to decorate their houses. Let the bhavas of well-being and happiness take over. Fill out the rangoli colours of happiness.
  • Energies the kitchen cooking and food flavours with sweetness and warmth.
  • Make it a day of celebration for close family and friends.
  • Let the laughter and warmth of your children fill your house.

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    Posted at 19:27h, 06 August Reply

    very colorful post! I love these rangoli designs. I learned many of the designs from my mother. They really reflect or beautiful culture. Thanks for providing them.

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