Guru Pournima 2016

Guru Pournima 2016

Guru Pournima:-

Guru, the one that erases the “Gu” Andhakar / Darkness / Avidya / Ignorance.

Who is a Guru? What or how does he look like? What does he do? Who was the very first Guru?

An ordinary mind seeks all these questions naturally. So, can it be said? The Adhi Guru dwells in each embodied being as a witness, his mere presence is one’s guiding light on the path of righteousness. If only one can function with this Aadya Guru as one’s witness, if all the actions are done dedicating to Aadya Guru then one’s objective of human birth is not far. Human beings are intellectual beings understanding this philosophy word by word no doubt with one’s limited intellect but “Implementation” is one’s biggest bane. This is where one fumbles in the dark, stumbling aimlessly in one’s quest to reach the goal.

Human nature is fickle, one makes mistakes again and yet again rarely learning from it. If only one is receptive, Guru comes to ‘one’, as spiritual instrument to guide, to uplift and lead one towards one’s goal. Helping one to over come the innumerable hurdles one faces on the path. This is where one’s efforts come to play. Humility and sincerity of one’s effort to recognize, understand, accept and implement the knowledge of wisdom bestowed upon one by these spiritual masters, is the key.

These spiritual instruments or Gurus sanctify the earth by their simple presence living what they preach, life seems impossible without these lead kindly lights. They make their presence felt as, could be one’s parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, seniors, subordinates, most importantly teachers. These teachers are our Gurus. They are God’s own spiritual messengers, the angles of mercy in this material world. Knowledge comes in many forms depending on one’s receptivity and ability to implement.

In ‘The Yoga Institute’, Santacruz East we students are blessed with such great Gurus for past two generations. Our founder Poojya Guru Shri Yogendra, his life partner Mother Sita Devi together built this monumental Institute which is a spiritual home to thousands who seek. This selfless legacy of helping humanity was passed on to his son, the present, gent of few words of wisdom Dr. Jayadeva Yogendraji and his enterprising wife, the lifeline of our Institute and our beloved spiritual mother Smt. Hansaji Yogendra who are at the helm, guiding one and all with love, patience and compassion.

Celebrations of auspicious Guru pournima will be held on 24 July Sunday at the Institute premises between 9:30 to 10:30 am. All the students shall pay their tribute to these Glorious teachers who are our guiding Gurus.

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