Guru Purnima Celebrations 9 July 2017 @ TYI

Join us for Guru Purnima Celebration 9 July 2017 @ The Yoga Institute (TYI)

The word ‘Guru’ has its roots in the Sanskrit linguistics, where ‘Gu’ is obscurity or darkness & ‘ru’ means removal of ignorance or darkness.

India has a rich tradition of paying respects to the Guru or teacher on this auspicious day. It is said that world’s first teacher i.e. Adi Guru (first teacher) was Lord Shiva. On this very day, he transformed himself into a teacher to bestow light of knowledge to the seven sages on the river banks of Kantisarovar for the benefit of mankind. Humanity always required knowledge in any form. What is required is to be in a learning state.

Shiva is considered the first teacher who acted as a guiding light eliminating the darkness of ignorance and imparting the wisdom of better living.

One of the well-known and celebrated Guru Maharshi Veda Vyasa is also remembered on this propitious day. He was a revered sage, a scholar responsible for writing and editing holy texts – the Puranas (18), Mahabharata, Srimad Bhagavad Gita etc. are some of his well-known works.

The mysteries of God’s, Goddesses through the sages and gurus for centuries have distilled the yoga knowledge from the sacred texts; so that common man can use it as an effective tool to provide greater meaning to life and pave the way to achieve the ultimate higher reality.

To have Guru’s grace of wisdom a learner or student has to develop “Patra” (empty pot). When a student is ready the Guru arrives.

Guru is not the physical body, Guru is quintessentially the light of wisdom acting as a shield, protecting us and empowering us to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Guru is Shri.Yogendraji, Guru is mother Sitadevi, Guru is Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra and Guru is Smt. Hansaji!

Shri. Yogendraji epitomized yoga as a way of life for the common man. Shri Yogendraji believed that the benefits of yoga should be shared with everyone instead of keeping it as a secret for a privileged few. Thus, Shri Yogendraji became known as the Father of Modern Yoga Renaissance. He made the wisdom of yoga available to the common man. He founded The Yoga Institute(TYI) in 1918 to spread yoga awareness amongst the common man.

Mother Sitadevi following in his (Shri Yogendraji’s) footsteps, she was a strong support system for TYI. She single-handily set the pace of yoga as a way of life for women. She taught and learned yoga at a time when women were not considered a part of yoga fraternity.

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra, (M.A., PhD.) took up the Directorship of The Yoga Institute, Mumbai in 1985. He pioneered work in Yoga Education and Therapeutics. Dr. Jayadeva a scholar and a true yogi. Under his guidance, the Yoga Institute launched the Medical Research Unit for research on psychosomatic and psychiatric diseases in 1970 with aid from the Central Council of Research in Indian Medicine and Homeopathy (now part of the Ministry of AYUSH).

Yoga Guru Smt.Hansaji (Director- The Yoga Institute) – “First Lady of Yoga” made the nation proud by co-hosting ‘First International Yoga Day’ alongside-Honourable Prime Minister-Shri Narendra Modiji. She paved the way for millions of young men and women around the globe who aspire to take up yoga. Under her astute guidance, The Yoga Institute (TYI) became the first QCI (Quality Council of India) certified yoga teacher training school in India. Also at present, she is the Chairman of The Yoga Certification Committee -QCI

It is said the divine grace and blessings on this fortunate day is a precious gift. So make the most of this blessed day and join us to celebrate Guru Purnima. All are invited!

The Yoga Institute dedicates this blog to the Gurus of The Yoga Institute. We thank you and we love you!

Program Satsang & Guru Purnima Celebrations (Entry Free No prior registration required)

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