Hansaji Talking on ‘Ahimsa’

The topic for the English Satsang on Sunday, 25th May, 2014 was ‘Ahimsa.’ Following is the transcript of the speech made by Smt. Hansaji Yogendra on the topic.

Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra
Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra

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“Ahimsa is a such a subject that we seriously need to give a thought to because we are doing Himsa all the time. The first Himsa we do is to ourselves. People come and tell me, ‘Hansaji, I feel hurt very fast if someone doesn’t behave properly with me.’ Expecting others to behave in a certain way, speak and smile in a certain way, makes it difficult. All that is not possible. It is important to accept people the way they are. See their positive qualities and accept them.

In the case of us getting hurt, make sure that no matter what, we don’t lose our balance and get disturbed. Somewhere, we might be weak, either we are getting irritated because our energy level is low or we are tired or there is lack of sleep, have eaten wrong food, the weather is bad and affects us, etc. When the weather is really hot, people also tend to be hot-headed and there are increased arguments and fights at home. This is a fact based on a survey conducted. A person who is always aware, balanced and controlled, will not react, while others will naturally react.

Now it’s more important to see what we are doing rather than talk about what others are doing. Our main duty is Ahimsa. Duty is something which I have to do for the world. So I must follow Ahimsa. First I must make sure that I don’t get hurt, don’t think negatively or react, etc. If we cannot do that, then we don’t know how to live. We get disturbed by others’ behaviour so easily. In fact, we are on the lookout for reasons to get disturbed. And when we are disturbed, we say many dialogues very comfortable, like ‘I don’t want to live.’ ‘I want a divorce.’ ‘I want to commit suicide.’ I have met seven couples in just one week where they have claimed they want to kill themselves.

Why don’t we enjoy variety in our life? Instead we want everything to run the way we want it. If you accept people and love them the way they are, then life becomes so sweet. Otherwise you are not living, you are going through your life like a dead person.

It is important to understand that we are doing Himsa on ourselves. If we are leading to our own downfall, so where is the wisdom? We will start getting all kinds of diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, polycystic ovaries, stones, etc. So stop doing that. When we stay away from negativity, things will get right.

Let’s become alert and alert about ourselves. Sometimes we get hurt but we don’t even realize it. So be true to yourself and change. Do follow these virtues which are very strongly recommended.”

– Smt. Hansaji J. YogendraSatsang is an open meeting held every Sunday from 9:30 to 10:30 am at The Yoga Institute, Santacruz East, Mumbai. It involves an interesting presentation to the public, made by the students of the Teacher Training Course. Each week, a new presentation of a Yogic concept is made in a simple way through skits and decoration for the general public, followed by a short speech from our Gurus, Dr. Jayadeva and Smt. Hansaji Yogendra.

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