Hansaji Talking on ‘Value System’

The topic for the English Satsang on Sunday, 9th March, 2014 was ‘Value System.’

Following is the transcript of the speech made by Smt. Hansaji Yogendra on the topic.

Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra
Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra

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“We have to sit down and quietly think about ‘What do I value in my life?’

When we begin our life, we deal with situations according to the existing circumstances then, we take opportunities where we find them, following what others are doing blindly – if someone is lying or cheating to get rid of a situation, we do the same in a similar situation, thinking it is alright to do so if everyone is also doing the same. We follow what our parents do and how our siblings behave; we see and learn from the people around us and this is how we live our life. We forget that each of us is different.

When I look closely at people, I see everyone running after happiness, let’s understand that happiness and pain flow together. Where there is happiness, there will be pain too. Therefore, yoga philosophy suggests we develop some clarity on how we want to live our lives. What should I give more importance to in my life? The importance should be given to that which helps me lead a better life today as compared to yesterday, or a better tomorrow as compared to today – this would be the path of self-development.

If I value health, then I should live according to that – by paying attention to my food habits. We know that health is wealth but do we practise anything that helps us remain healthy? Eating anything, anytime and anywhere is not healthy. Please understand the difference between what you may like to do v/s what is good for you to do. These are two very different things. Therefore, I should start liking what is good for me. Let me make an effort to cook a dish I may not like but which is good for me, in a more palatable manner.

If I value relationships, then I will behave and live in a cordial and friendly manner with parents, siblings, in-laws, children and my spouse. I will work towards maintaining a happy atmosphere at home. We will together follow the path of love and truth but not personal opinions, nor likes and dislikes, not own whims and fancies. Keep an open mind and heart. Express openly, do not calculate or speak half-truths. I may hurt someone by expressing, but I am willing to fall at his/her feet and make up, but that reaction should not stop me from sharing. Sometimes, it may happen that bitterness may creep in due to everyone following their own paths but if I value love, truthfulness and relationships above all else, then everything will fall into place again.

What do I value in life? I value self-development and becoming one with God. I value single mindedness – anything that I do, I do with complete concentration and execute it well because that will give me satisfaction. I have taken a decision to work sincerely and well because I value work. If I can do every action lovingly, sincerely and with complete concentration then we do not expect anything in return from the work because we are enjoying the work in any case. We are doing the work in such a way that we involve ourselves fully in the work – anything that is worth doing is worth doing well – if we can follow this principle then it will be very fruitful. If I am eating food, then my mind is concentrated on the food only. If I am listening then my mind is concentrated on what I am listening to. If I am commuting by train, then I may take joy in that too instead of thinking how crowded or dirty the trains are, instead I may write a letter to the concerned authorities asking for positive steps but my mind should not think negatively or become imbalanced because I value health, relationships and work.

The value system keeps one on the right path. The first step of yoga is values i.e. the Yamas – Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya, Brahmacharya and Apraigraha – all these tell us how we are supposed to live our life and what we should value. Nowhere does the yoga philosophy talk about amassing wealth or having more pleasures and luxuries. Try speaking truth and experience the joy and strength that it gives you, the whole personality of the person changes. Automatically, they become straight forward at the same time are very caring and compassionate too. One becomes fearless. And one can speak the truth only when one conquers their fears and a calculating mind.

This is one topic where one has to sit quietly and ponder about what one wants out of life. Just living an existential life – living it as it comes – is one aspect and trying to enrich our life, make it better, richer and more meaningful, more joyful and useful for us, the society and the nation is another way.

Are we growing spiritually? This is because one can be permanently happy and joyful when one grows spiritually. One needs to really think about this. Therefore, we should take some time out to think about this and gradually try to bring positive change into our life, this is very much necessary.”

– Smt. Hansaji J. Yogendra


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