Happiness is not something that we can pursue and achieve. It is a by-product of living a life of integrity and discipline. When we incorporate universal principles of well-being in our daily life we begin to experience fulfillment, joy, peace, enthusiasm and inspiration. Yoga is the science of applying these principles of holistic well-being.


Our consciousness is like wet clay. Whatever actions we do get imprinted on it. Yoga calls these samskaras, neuroscience terms it neural pathways. Actions repeated under the influence of raga likes and dvesha dislikes get embedded deep into our sub-conscious mind. This is how habits are formed. If we are serious about seeking sustainable happiness then we must give shape to the wet clay of our mind. We must use the potter’s wheel of repetitive action to form the pot of our choice. Yoga calls this as abhyasa daily practice.


The Happiness Workshop will impart knowledge of seven principles to uncover happiness that are based on the philosophy of Yoga. The objective is to communicate the essence of yogic knowledge in a simple manner. The daily sadhana dedicated and disciplined practice of these seven principles illuminates us purifies us of negative samskaras habits. The outcome of this purification is happiness.


Day and Date: announced soon


Time: 8.30 am to 4.30 pm


Fees: Rs. 1,000/-

Please note fees once paid will be non-refundable.


Registration: Registration at The Yoga Institute OR online registration at the below link


Note: Includes asana practice please wear comfortable clothes. Please carry notebook and pen.