Harmony Fest

Happy Harmony fest and ringing in the New Year 2019

28 December 2018, Mumbai-“Harmony Fest” a two-day celebration of Yoga Institute’s 100 years of transforming lives saw participants from all walks of life.

Thousands of people participated and benefited from the various programmes organised. Open-to-all free events were held to bring about harmony and balance in the lives of people and mark the momentous 100th year of the Institute. The two days event included yoga, health and wellness programmes, including 20 hours of non-stop Yoga sessions which were quite a hit. , panel discussions, workshops, mentor-ship and guidance talks, higher and novice learning programmes, food stalls, and a marketplace for sustainable goods, art and musical performances.

Happy Harmony fest and ringing in the New Year 2019 some highlights- 

The Yoga Institute Stage

Inaugural Presidential Event Kabir Bedi played the perfect celebrity host to the presidential programme. His poise and charismatic personality set the perfect tone for the inaugural festivities. Rahul Sharma jugalbandi with his better half was captivating. The Santoor and tanpura fusion melodies opened the festivities on a very harmonious note.


aib yoga institute 100 years celebration

His Excellency, Shri Ramnath Kovind – Hon’ble President of India, graced the historic occasion and inaugurated the celebrations on Friday, 28th December. Other distinguished guests of honour included  Shri C. Vidyasagar Rao – Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra, and Shri Devendra Fadnavis – Honble Chief Minister of Maharashtra, and Shripad Yesso Naik, Ministry of AYUSH


100 years

President’s inaugural speech-some excerpts

I am happy to be here. At the ceremonial diya lighting, we all noticed the dignitaries are more, and the wicks are less. I remember Smt. Hansaji said, “Let us all join together!” Well, that is exactly what yoga teaches and means “Joining together!” I applaud the stupendous work done and congratulated the Institute on completing 100 years of serving selflessly for the good of humanity through yoga. It is a very big contribution.

Dadabhai Naoroji, known as the Grand Old Man of India, encouraged Shri Yogendraji and opened his home to help him further the cause of spreading yoga to all.  Shri Yogendraji and mother Sita (his better half) revived classical yoga and gave it shape to cater to the common man or the householders.

The baton of yoga was duly carried forward by Dr Jayadeva and Smt. Hansaji Yogendra. Now the next generation has stepped in, and I called Shri Hrishiji (their son) and told him this work at 100 should not stop and must be carried forward for many such 100 years to come.  Also, the Institute is doing wonderful work to help people with high blood pressure, diabetes, Asthma etc. ailment lifestyle disorders.

Oglethorpe University (USA) has selected 4 books from The Yoga Institute and included in the Crypt of Civilization. Yoga book on women written by Mother Sitadevi is truly an achievement since at that time yoga was a taboo subject for women.

An international day for yoga was declared unanimously by the United Nations General Assembly thanks to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi efforts. I think yoga is the only soft power that can unite all the nations.

Dharma – Duty Driven Life afternoon session-on The Yoga Institute stage

Swami Chidanand Muni & Sadhvi Bhagwati held the crowd spiritually bound by their wit and pearls of wisdom. The shed light on Dharma – Duty Driven Life- The word, Dharma, comes from the Sanskrit root word ‘Dhri’ which means ‘to hold;’ to maintain; or ‘to preserve’. The session gave insights on how to maintain, hold & preserve one’s body, mind and soul through yoga.

Sadhvi Ji explained asana is not about body bending it’s all about mind-bending and flexibility. Chidanad Muniji elaborated the guidelines for householder how to infuse correct values or samskaras into the children. What’s in it for me? Is the question each one is asking today; children need to be taught- what through me for others?


harmony fest 2018

Gaur Gopal Dasji spoke on “Letting Go.”

It was an invigorating mindful talk that enthralled the audience and taught practical ways to detachment and the journey of being a part of the process fully without overthinking about the results; ways to a better living.

Giving birth and killing/dying is easy. The process of bringing up children with the right values and calm frame of mind- poses the challenge. So we need to let go of easy stuff and try to not to let go of the challenges in life.

Sattva gunna sustains life. And it takes a lot of sattva guna to keep going for 100 years. I applaud The Yoga Institute and the hard work put in that has kept going for 100 years. And it takes a lot to keep going that long. I wish them another 100 years of success.

We all gather have something in us that God has gifted us all with a unique quality films stars wow us with their good looks, some with their intellect and inherent goodness like A. P. J. Abdul Kalam-Former President of India but when you lead a well-balanced beautiful life, it is your gift to GOD.

And the Institute has been teaching that for 100 years now.

Yoga is a way of life and how to lead a balanced life. Yoga is more than asanas it’s a scientific way of living. It teaches us how not to ignore oneself.

Social media is big an instance comes to mind when I was travelling this gentleman was doing mantra jappa on his iPhone app. This got me thinking, and I would want to add this new year learn to let go of phone status we enjoy so much. Phone main purpose is connectivity, and it does many how many millions of apps you have or how much upgrade GB you have on your phone.

In 2019 learn to let go of lethargy, let go of the sentiments like when you have hot you are wanting cold, when you have “cold wanting not” and always wanting “what is not!” Means “let go” of your “ego” and connect to the deeper aspects of yoga.

His immaculate style won the hearts of many, and they refused to let him go without a fitting round of applause.

Mindfulness- Healthy body, mind & soul leads to a happy life.

A session with Shri S P Mishra, Swami Bharat Bhushan and Acharya Dr Lokesh Muni; they shared their life secrets to mindful-living, Moderator – Dr. Mickey Mehta conducted the session smoothly. The audience got insights and answers to their questions on how to practically lead a life of mindfulness.



slider centenary music

Harmony Stage was set on fire by various musical bands that kept the crowd coming back for more-

Seshnath & Troupe– Celebrations were very central to folk music presented by the epic Rajasthani Sheshnath Troupe. They presented very vibrant, pure, ethnic, melodious notes straight from Rajasthan’s’ heart. The perfect start to the evening with traditional beats and foot tapping number got the audience enthused.

Prem Joshua Band presented original, immersive and emotional music; it pulsates with energy, resonating with contemplation, vibrancy and basks within an unmistakeable inclusive appeal. The band combined electronica, jazz and funk into an original and virtuoso sound that was intricately detailed and a masterful blend of Indian and western instruments.

Band Kabir Café, a unique music band with five young talented musicians, got to stage the simple and eternal wisdom of one of India’s most loved poet into an urban space. Neo-Folk Music Band that presents the poetry of the 15th-century bhakti saint, in a very contemporary style. The words were moving, the lyrics reflecting the eternal wisdom of Kabir.

Rekha Bhardwaj noted Bollywood playback singer finale was the musical bonanza that got all the people present dancing to rhythm and beat. Her spiritual charisma and charm won us over. Footing tapping number “Re Kabira Maan Jaa” was appreciated by all present.

Simultaneous Events

Good Food Fest;

The festival celebrated the Indian traditional nutritious foods, which TYI has been serving in its kitchen for the past 100 years. The urbane populous got to sample healthier food habits and lifestyle choices.

TYI  Edutainment Therapeutic;

An interactive exhibition that showcased 100 years history of The Yoga Institute saw hundreds of visitors throughout the day. Children especially enjoyed the snakes and ladder and flexibility yoga games

Dr Atul Workshop


 TYI Workshops

OPD Workshop, Integral Chakra Workshop, Couples Workshop, Asana Workshops and Bhavas Workshop were conducted to benefit the masses.


Ranveer Brar

Master Class by Chef Ranveer Brar.

He covered the mindful way of cooking food and how it impacts our health. He talked about some brilliant Sattvic recipes for a holistic lifestyle. His flawless cooking tips and live station drew in quite a crowd. Followed by a live demo of Chef’s signature recipe. All got to sample his superb culinary skills and  sattvic foods with a twist. This new year 2019 eat healthy stay happy!



Market Place

Farmers Market

Market hosted provided only approved of organic food and vegetables from actual organic farmers and vendors. A whole range of healthy fruits, foods, grains, vegetables retailed at the market. Other attractions included organic at the paraphernalia and yoga accessories.

Happy Harmony fest and ringing in the New Year 2019 will be itched in our minds for many decades. Wishing all the Institute students and yoga enthusiasts from around the world who made the our centenary two day festival a grand success. Happy New Year 2019 to all our loyal readers! Wishing everyone holistic health and happiness. Make Happy New Year 2019 the yoga way click here for details.

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  • The Yoga Institute
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