Happy Mothers Day-TYI

Motherhood and nature are naturally humane in essence. Today, TYI is nostalgic about a great mother who was “Smt. Sitadevi Yogendra” and is grateful for present “Ma” Smt. Hansaji Yogendra. Two strong pillars of the TYI who have nurtured and saved thousands of lives. On this special mother’s day we dedicated this blog to two indomitable spirits who very much spell out the essence of motherhood. We salute their kindness, loving nature and humane spirit and salute their life’s work.

Smt. Sitadevi Yogendra, fondly known as Mother, married Shri Yogendraji in 1927 and joined him in his mission of spreading the knowledge of yoga in the world. She began teaching women and children at TYI and has written many articles and books on the subject. Her book Yoga Physical Education for Women is also preserved in the Crypt of Civilization, to be opened 6000 years later. Mother Sitadevi passed away in 2008 at the age of 97.

Mother Sita’s contribution to Yoga for women is unmatched till date. She had the courage and determination to aspire a generation of yoga women. She learnt and taught yoga at a time when women were not considered as a part of the Yoga fraternity. Mother was known for her simple living and high thinking and always read to lend an empathic ear and helping hand to anyone in need. Just like a mother with utmost care, lovingly guiding each and every one who came to her. A very happy mother days -Mother Sitadevi

Carrying the family legacy forwards Smt. Hansaji Yogendra present Director of the Institute, A dynamic leader whose practical approach of yoga to solve life problems is remarkable. Her charm and problem solving ability with poise makes her the popular TV personality. Smt. Hansaji Jayadeva had been selected as “Woman of the Year 2000” by the American Biographical Institute, U.S.A. for her outstanding accomplishment & the noble example she has set for her peers and entire community. Along, with Shri Narendra Modiji “First Lady of Yoga” to host International Yoga Day. So many remarkable milestones, yet very humane and humble. A picture of calm and emanates positivity effortlessly. Her presence is enough to nurture a soul is distress.

A life of service and benevolence. Ma (Smt. Hansaji) showed the world the exemplary power of love. We celebrate today two divine souls and the enduring legacy of motherly love.

Happy Mothers Day -Ma We love you

Happy Mothers Day! We salute you! We thank you! We love you!

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