Healing Power of Water

“Chanchal”- the word that best expresses the nature of water. Water is malleable, it always adapts to the surrounding. Whether it’s in the form of ice, the shape of the glass, or the massive ocean. Water’s transforming power influences our spirits and energies.

The world is made up of water and so is our very existence. Just like nature depends on rain, our body needs fluids to function. Water has the capability to take the shape of our outlook and intentions, and channel its force in our directed chain of thoughts.

72% of our body is water. Hence, communicating with water can transform the way it functions in our bodies. It flows and surrenders, influencing our spirits and energies to follow us down the road we desire. For example, if you drink a glass of water with the desire of adopting a positive perception, the water will influence the healing effect on drinking.

One should always believe in the power of water and think positive thoughts to move it in the desired direction. This will promote inner healing as well as physical, mental, and spiritual recovery.

Swimming is thus beneficial not only to our fitness but also to various illnesses and disorders such as sciatica, backaches, and so on. It accentuates the tranquility of water, relieves despair and anxiety, and simultaneously boosts our adrenaline levels.

Like a mirror, water reflects an image of us and our thoughts. Its presence dominates our physical composition; so, being mindful and perceptive of the thoughts we have is essential.

One should consciously adopt positive thinking by controlling their thoughts. We need to understand how our thoughts affect the water in our bodies and vice versa. If we prefer virtue over evil, the water in our body will imitate us, and transform itself and us into all that is good.

Here are some practices for the conscious use of water and its healing powers that we can include in our daily lives:

  1. Kick-starting your day on the right note:

Start your day with a glass of water. Our primary focus should be to think joyful thoughts and invite positive intentions for the day ahead, and channeling this flow with a glass of water is a beneficial practice to embrace. This will lift our moods, balance our fluid levels, and allow for internal bodily cleansing.

  1. Internal and external cleansing through water:

We clean, cook, and bathe with water. Internal cleansing with water is a similar technique to purify our souls and spirits. Before drinking, sit down and say good intentions to the water. This can help us reroute the force of water within us in the direction we desire.

  1. Swimming and aquatic workouts:

Swimming is not only a good exercise but also a great way to reconnect with your inner voice. Staying in the water heightens our perceptions and emphasizes the importance of reuniting with our energy. It also improves our spirits and promotes a positive attitude by making us feel as if each stroke moves us closer to our objectives. Aqua-cycling and aqua-aerobics are two other fascinating choices.

Adequate hydration and mindful thinking can redirect you towards a healthy lifestyle. The power of water to heal and flourish prosperity inside-out should be acknowledged and respected. It will not only help you improve mentally and physically, but it will also enhance your productivity and performance.

Remember that water is merely the clay, and you are the one who is shaping it.

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