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Often, people are unable to come to The Yoga Institute for reasons such as geographical distance, time constraints, specific health problems, etc. In such cases, the Institute arranges for experienced teachers to conduct sessions at home, at a mutually convenient time, for individuals or a group (comprising of family members / neighbours / friends, etc.

Classes cover asanas, pranayamas, kriyas and recommendations on diet and Yogic lifestyle.


  • Fees

The fee structure is as follows

Sr. No. Participants Sessions
(3 sessions per week)
1a 1 12 Rs. 6,000
1b 1 24 Rs. 10,800
2a 2 12 Rs. 8.400
2b 2 24 Rs. 15.200
3a 3 or 4 12 Rs. 10,800
3b 3 or 4 24 Rs. 19,500

Please note:

  1. Full fees have to be paid in advance, at the time of booking. You can make account payee cheque drawn in favour of ‘International Board of Yoga’. Payment by cash will not be accepted.
  2. The fees are non refundable.
  3. The fees quoted are for the course duration of 4 weeks (12 sessions) or 8 weeks (24 sessions). A maximum extension of 2 weeks can be considered in very special cases.

For enquiries on home tuitions you may SMS us (or drop a message on WhatsApp) at +91-22-26122185, +91-22-26110506 or email us at info@theyogainstitute.org.

Corporate enquiries can be addressed to corporate.training@theyogainstitute.org