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How do I prepare for my Yoga class

As a beginner, whether to Yoga or any other field, our minds are filled with all kinds of questions and doubts. The excitement mixed with the nervousness before taking your first yoga class can not be described well in words. There are some tips that would help you to be more comfortable, confident, and prepared for your first yoga class. These tips can not only be used by a beginner but everyone can keep them in mind as preparation tips for all your yoga sessions.

In the times of virtual classes, we have made a list of a few points that would not only help you with the video classes but also studio classes. Read on to know more about it:

  • Empty Stomach: Yoga asanas should be practiced on an empty stomach. Try to keep your stomach relatively empty before you get on your yoga mat. There should be a gap of 2-3 hours between your meal and your practice. Most of the yoga asanas directly impact the abdomen and digestive system. If you practice with a full stomach, the food won’t get digested properly, which would further lead to other health problems.
  • Comfortable Space: As much as possible, try to practice in one dedicated place only. Over time, your practice would create its own positive vibrations, thereby providing you comfort, healing, and strength. Choose any quiet space that is clean and well ventilated. This will help you to get enough natural air. Avoid practicing Yoga in an air-conditioned room. All you need is a little more than an elbow space for a comfortable and free moving yoga class. You don’t need the whole room all to yourself. Simply stay away from furniture and walls and close to the window.

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  • Yoga Material: Another common doubt that a lot of people have is about what to wear and what to carry to a yoga class. Well, the answer is pretty simple. You just need to bring yourself to a yoga class with a positive mindset. For our outfit, any comfortable and loose clothing would work for yoga, nothing that would restrict your movements. Avoid wearing excessive jewellery or make-up to a yoga class. Along with this, you would require a simple anti-skid yoga mat, that would provide you comfort with your postures.
  • Conditioning: It is always advised to reach early to your yoga class so that you get some time to settle and calm yourself before the practice. Even if you reach your class a little late, don’t directly rush into the practice that the rest of the class is doing. Sit down for 20-30 seconds, close your eyes, and just focus on your breath. Let this technique condition your body and mind and then start with your practice.

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  • Listen to your Body: Always let your body guide you with your practice. Never compare yourself to the flexibility of the teacher, they have taken a lot of time and practice to reach where they are today. Everyone starts as a beginner, respect, and acknowledge that. Never compare your practice to the person on the mat next to yours as well. Let your body guide you through your practice. If your body doesn’t allow you to do something, do not force it into doing it. Be gentle with yourself.
  • Keep Breathing: You can take your practice to a whole another level by being in sync with your breath. Practice breathing and pranayama can not only create a sense of calm but also make your practice more mindful. Simply keep breathing as instructed and let your breath take you deeper into your own practice.
  • Take Yoga off the mat: Yoga doesn’t mean just that one hour that you spend on the mat. That is just the physical aspect of yoga. Try to take your yoga practice as you get off the mat as well. We must be in yoga and practice yoga, 24X7. Let your practice and its teachings reflect on your physical, mental, and emotional levels throughout the day. Try to apply the yogic lessons in your everyday life, and let it open the doors to your growth and true transformation.

To get the most out of your yoga class or practice is to simply show up. Only consistency and regular practice will be able to give you any kind of result. Yoga is a life practice and it has a lot to offer to you, if only you give it your 100% and dedication.

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