How meditating daily can improve your life !


Let’s begin by asking ourselves THE questions – When was the last time I felt one with myself or at peace with myself?

It’s not an easy feeling to experience, but again it’s not rocket science either. This brings us to our topic for today – Meditation.

According to Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Meditation refers to ‘Pratyahara, Dharana & Dhyana’ – ‘Why should I meditate? What will I get out of it? And Do I need to do this? We are sure these questions have clouded our minds at some point in our lives. But again, one has to submit and practice consistently to experience the bliss of meditation.

To make it simpler, in meditation, the object that you are meditating on, the meditator and the process, they all become one. Patanjali says that your meditation practice should be Nairantarya Abhyase Na and Dheergha Kale.

Nairantarya Abhyase Na = Continuous and constant practice

Dheergha Kale = Over a long time.

You should also have the feeling of Satkaradhadbhoomi towards your practice that is full respect and dedication, and be firmly established in your practice, without having any doubts.

Here’s how daily Meditation can change your life for better:

Better sleep: Meditation is the best remedy for insomniac or for those having trouble getting a good night’s sleep. It will calm you down, de-clutter your head and will help you sleep better.


Increases positivity: Life automatically becomes better if you meditate daily. Instead of focusing on the problems, you will be able to focus on the solutions more. Our energy kind of works like a boomerang! What you give out, you get it in return. When your meditation is positive, you are bound to get positivity in return.

Good start: Early morning meditation gives a good head start to the day. It not only helps you set your daily goals better but also realigns yourself and reflects better on the day lying ahead of you.

Less anxiety: In times we are living, anxiety and depression are common issues. However, you can do away with anxiety by meditating daily! You have to train yourself to see life objectively and since meditation will fill you up with positivity; your mind won’t have space for any bad thoughts or anxiety. Hence, relax, take a few deep breathes and take control of your emotions.

Improves relationships: With daily meditation practice, we can fine-tune ourselves to be more compassionate towards people around us. It boosts our mood and we can connect with our loved ones in a better way.

Handle any situations, positively: Stress, what’s that? You can have a good grip over every situation and not let it stress you out. If not that, then you’d at least have the solution to handle it in a better way than stressing out.

Happiness: Daily meditation can turn you into a happy puppy! Everything that we do in life is to get happiness out of it, right? Meditation is your one-stop destination to get your dose of daily happiness! And a happy mind is a creative mind! Hence, your creativity and memory will also improve.

Success: One key mantra to get success in life? Meditate! You can make better decisions when your thinking has been set straight. A lot of World Leaders and CEOs swear by Meditation as their secret to success. Why not give it a try and see it for yourself ?

Mindfulness: You learn to appreciate the little things in life. You will not only be able to be present at the moment but also find peace in every situation, no matter how chaotic it is!

Self-relation: For any of the above things to happen, you first need a good relationship with yourself. It is only when you are centered, that everything else will fall into place. Strengthen your intuition and self-love with meditation.

Take it up as a challenge, to meditate daily. All you need to do is experience this state once and you will not want to go back from there ever. Try it, and do let us know your experience!

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