Q & A Anger Management through Yoga

Q & A Anger Management through Yoga

How to control anger by practising Saucha?  Saucha is a simple yet very apt yogic principle. In the yogic context, it means purity of mind, body and soul. To keep your body clean is easier than the mental processes. Smt. Hansaji and Dr Jayadeva answers some questions about “Saucha” and How do we control anger by practising Saucha?

Q: Does Saucha also mean purification of thoughts?

Dr Jayadeva: Most definitely.

Smt. Hansaji: Yes, it is essential to bring about the purity of thoughts in mind. Always try to have good thoughts and remove wrong thoughts.

Q: How do we maintain the purity of thought when today’s world is full of negativity?

Dr Jayadeva: Well, there is a lot of trash in the garbage cans; still we are maintaining internal cleanliness. So even if there are so many unclean things, we can maintain cleanliness.

Smt. Hansaji: You don’t start thinking negatively or start doing wrong things just because others are doing it. At least you can keep yourself in check and do your work well.

Q: How do we control anger by practising Saucha?

Dr Jayadeva: Well, Mauna is one idea that can help. Not to speak too much, not too quickly react.

Smt. Hansaji: Firstly, understand that history repeats itself. What made you angry will happen again, maybe in a different way or through different people. Sit and think about how you can manage it if it happens again. The moment you get angry, keep your mouth shut. Sit quietly or take a shower or drink water. But exercise total control and discipline. Once the situation passes, decide on how to express yourself. So follow this policy – when you are imbalanced, keep your mouth shut and when you are balanced, think of how you want to express and then express. Check out the video to get some insights into anger management. 

Q: How to avoid negative thoughts during adverse situations?

Dr Jayadeva: The situation is outside. The mind is inside. You are the owner of the mind. Adverse situations are due to others around. So can’t you manage your own mind?

Smt. Hansaji: And we all know that situations are not in our hands. But the mind is our servant. It is up to us to keep the mind in the correct state and not get over involved it in the situation. Situations will come and go like waves; silence also comes after the storm. So when the storm comes, you keep yourself peaceful, don’t let the storm affect you internally. We should learn to do this.

Q: How to achieve mental purity? Whenever we see the outside world, it is full of bad things. How to avoid them?

Dr Jayadeva: Have some excellent documentaries, some good books and some good friend to talk to.

Smt. Hansaji: You see only the bad side of the world. See the good side of the world. Think good things; listen to the right talks, jokes. And try and keep your mind in a balanced state. You are in a position to consciously choose what you want from the outside world.

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