How to deal with people who irritate you?

How to deal with people who irritate you?

Nature is busy all the while. We should learn this from active ants and bees who keep working no matter what the season or obstacles. Life is full of different people and varied personalities. Now some people will see to it how to irritate you.  Try to think about it. We cannot change such people. Consider this as a challenge in life. You have to change. Your behaviour should such that nothing bothers you. Maintain your balance and try not to get irritated.  In life be prepared you are bound to meet such people. They are rude to you in the office or at the restaurant, gossip all about and talk loudly etc. The whole point is people cannot irritate you without your permission.

How to deal with people who irritate you? Well answer is simple- Take the high road or be the bigger person (Empathy is the key)

Now, this is easier said than done. But with enough practice it is possible.  Imagine you are dealing with a five-year-old kid who wants some sweets or toy right this very minute. This problem is your entire universe because you have no perspective, and so you throw a fit. The world is full of such five-year-olds.

When someone offends you, we tend to have a small outlook. This little offence is not the biggest thing in the world. Even then it makes us very upset or angry. We end up throwing the equivalent of a five-year-old fit.

If we train our mind to look at the broader perspective or, the bigger perspective (“Get Big”), we can see these little things do not matter in the long run. It is not worth your time or being angry over. So keep reminding yourself to widen your perspective and keep your focus on the bigger picture.

Give them a little empathy – Empathy has the power to transform changes within the self.  Let’s say someone has just insulted or said something rude. (How dare they say this to me!-The first thing that will come to your mind.) Don’t mind it. But instead, use your mind & try to empathise. Maybe they are just scared, anger or both. Such people use rude behaviour as a coping mechanism because they might be fearful or just insecure.

Explore more on How to deal with people who irritate you? with Smt Hansaji as she narrates a funny real-life story- Click on the video and pick up more from real-life lessons on how you can handle things differently when someone tries to irritate you.


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