How to get instant relief from Leg Pain

Have you felt a prickling or numbing feeling in your legs? Or some faraway sensation that causes incessant pulse in your muscles? You are probably not alone. Paining legs is a fairly common complaint that many people come across in their day-to-day lives. Be it a cramp, dull soreness, a pulled muscle or some intense throbbing, leg pain can arise in various forms of discomfort.

While there are multiple causes for pain in the legs, affecting the area of pain or your entire leg, it is most commonly identified as muscle soreness, minor injuries, sprain strains or even degenerative and inflammatory infections. It can range from a sudden and short-lived pain to a persistent and chronic disorder.

Muscle sprains, cramps, shin-splits, Achilles rupture and hair-line fractures are the commonly heard of injuries that cause acute leg pain. These are majorly induced by sports or athletics, running or exercising, and any other activity that puts excessive pressure or exertion on the joints and muscles.

Nerve damage, which could be a residual to an injury or any other vexing condition. Also a common symptom for diabetes, this can cause stillness, numbness and tightness as well as a sensation similar to pricking of pins and needles.

Improper joint structures, deformities in posture, inflammatory infections, irregular or interrupted circulation, and autoimmune ailments can cause severe leg pain too. Other conditions include issues of the spine, cysts, ovarian cancer, etc.

Treatment for leg pain would depend upon the symptoms, condition and its severity. Here are some remedies you can try to prevent and recede the risks of leg pain:

Instant relief:

  1. Salt baths

Salt baths are known to reduce inflammation and can be relaxing for sore muscles. They absorb easily into the skin and provide a soothing effect on the legs. You can also opt for some massage points, ice pack or hot water fomentation to reduce strain.

  1. Inverted wall stretches:

Lie on the floor and focus on your breathing. Then slowly suspend your legs on the wall, in a way that your leg is right against the wall from heels to the butt. You can also try folding your legs in the same position.  If you feel any discomfort, bend your knees slightly and be mindful of keeping a straight spine.

This is very effective in soothing pain, relieving soreness and also facilitating proper blood circulation. It also stretches all muscles in the back of your leg and soothes back ache and pelvic pressure.

Long-term measures:

Stretching and Yoga help in easing leg pain in more ways than one. They not only enhance flexibility, posture correction and vitality of limbs, but also give high regard to internal and external systems for optimal functioning.

Here are some asanas one can practice:

  • Shavasana
  • Hastapadngushthasana
  • Byhadrasana


Weight-watching and healthy diet must be adopted in one’s routine. An active lifestyle will not only allow limb mobility, but also regulate bodily systems internally. If the pain is persistent, please consult a professional for the same. Your health always comes first, please be mindful about taking care of it.


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