How to get rid of Double Chin


Get rid of double chin fast with simple yoga exercises.

A double chin or submental fat is a common condition which occurs when the layer of fat starts to accumulate below the chin. A fat layer might appear due to various reasons such as genetics, excess of weight gain, ageing, and not enough exercises or wrong food choices etc.

We all want to look beautiful and appealing. Watch the video as Dr. Hansaji J Yogendra shares quick tips to reduce double chin fast with these facial yoga exercises.

Get rid of double chin fast with these simple and easy yoga exercises.

Neck exercise number 1

    • Inhaling look-up and open your mouth wide open and close again.
    • Open your mouth again and close.
    • Bring your head to starting position.

Neck exercise number 2

    • Slowly drop your head to your right side, try to take your right ear to the right shoulder as close as possible.
    • Slowly, come back to the centre.
    • Now, drop your head to the left and try to lower your head towards the right shoulder. Feel the nice stretch on the sides of your neck. Slowly, come back to your initial position. You can repeat this again as per your comfort.

Neck Exercise number 3

    • Stand straight and Interlock your fingers at the back and try to straighten your hands.
    • Exhaling slowly, twist your neck to your right. Try to look back as far as possible. Stay in this position for 6 seconds. Keep breathing normally.
    • Inhaling Turn your neck to the centre and immediately exhaling twist your neck to the left and look back as far as possible. Stay here breathing normally for 6 seconds.
    • Slowly come back to the centre and release your fingers’ interlock and bring your hands to the normal position.

Apart from these facial exercises some quick tips to reduce double chin fast

  1. Add cardio exercise to your routine or take a brisk walk
  2. Drink more liquids buttermilk, lemon water with honey etc.
  3. Limit alcohol consumption.
  4. Cut back on refined and packaged food products
  5. Try Shavasana for deep relaxation and good sleep
  6. Limit your sodium intake.
  7. Include more fibre and fresh fruits in your daily diet.


So go ahead try these facial yoga exercises today to enhance your cheekbones and quickly shed extra fat from your face. All these useful yoga exercises will increase the blood circulation in the facial region and reduce the ageing effects, adding a healthy glow.

Boost your health and add to that beautiful smile by getting a chiseled jaw-line and rid of that double chin fat fast the yoga way.

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