How To Reduce Anger?

Anger is a commonly felt emotion and occasionally everyone experiences rage. This is slowly become epidemic. Now, the question is why is anger bad for you?

Anger and a host of problems go hand-in-hand. All areas of life i.e. mental, physical and social are disturbed. Have you noticed, once you are angry there is an increase in heart rate, blood pressure shoots-up and stresslevels are out of control! Breathing is uneven and rapid. When this emotion is not under control metabolic changes are set in motion, on a subtle level and over a period of time, health and overall quality of life is compromised. Insomnia, High blood pressure, Migraine, digestive problems, anxiety and stress are commonly associated with uncontrolled anger.

Understanding anger– We get easily disturbed when things do not go our way. Anger rises just like ocean waves and wanes, leaving us disturbed shaken and sometimes with regrets. This is wrong. We need to accept life; with its ups-and-downs. Try to make changes within ourselves and not try to change others. This is where yoga techniques play important role to help us manage stress and anger and improve emotional health and overall quality of life.

Yoga is a way of life and offers the much needed helpful anger management tips to help tie over this negative emotion.

Satvik Diet– “You are what you eat!” there is an element of truth to this. You must have noticed that on certain days you are very calm and on some-days, you are very agitated and restless? Try to mindfully examine your daily food habits. What you eat directly affects your emotions and mind. Certain types of food aggravate the peristalsis moment and irritate the inner stomach lining (especially very spicy food) and as a result brings with it restlessness and tension that affect both the mind and body. Easily digestible– Satvik food is the key. Increase your intake of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Restful sleep– We all have been there…if you have not slept well the previous night before, how do you feel? Commonly the next day, we experience symptoms such as-Agitated mind, restlessness, tension, anxiety and stress. Six to Eight hours of deep sleep leaves you rejuvenated and fresh. You are less prone to get anger.

Yoga Asana Add a twist to your daily routine. Dedicate atleast 15 minutes to yoga asanas. This will help ease the tension, anxiety and restlessness in your body. Yoga asanas play an important role in managing and controlling your anger. The benefit of yoga asanas over physical exercise is that yoga asanas or poses offer synchronized stretches, movement and breath. This anabolic process helps to increase your energy levels without getting tired.

Pranayama or breathing is the best antidote for anger– The moment you become angry take few deep breaths, this will immediately help you drop anger and help you calm down. Yogendra Pranayam I, II and IV-gives quietude and inner harmony and has sedative effect on the mind. Ujjayi- Energy renewing breath revitalizes the body and mind. Anulom Viloma- Helps stabilize the mind and increases the mental faculties.

Meditation– Just 15 to 20 minutes of daily meditation can make a lot of difference. Practice and patience in mediation is essential. Over a period of time with regular meditation practice, you will find that you have become calmer and do not get anger as often. Mind is a powerful instrument responsible both for bondage and freedom. Choice is yours…free your mind!

To sum-up, Good Food Habits +8 Hours of Sound Sleep + Yoga Asana + Breathing exercise + Meditation …is the ultimate success mantra to control anger.


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