how to stay motivated

How to stay motivated through your daily routine ?

The ‘Snooze’ button would not have been invented if, human beings could always keep the promise they made to themselves. But funny enough, the button does exist! Exploiting the faults of our brain! Reminding us that the promise can be broken. Putting us back into a deep slumber of ignorance that we never seem to wake up from.

When Yoga comes in your life, know that it is your true ‘Wake up’ call. Yoga does not believe in ‘Snooze’ buttons neither does it believe that only certain people are capable of being ‘snoozeless.’ It believes and knows the power that everyone has to be ceaselessly consistent with their promises. And that is exactly what it teaches you.

Before you learn the Asana or the yogic diet or the philosophy or any other therapy, the most important thing you must learn is how to honour, respect and abide by your own promises.

And believe it or not, it isn’t difficult. Ok, let’s find out which are the routines that we follow commonly in our lives.

Some are habitual like cleaning our bodies, some are out of fear of survival like going to offices, some are needs of our bodies like eating, sleeping and some are purely addictions, like browsing social media and news every day.

None of our routines are designed to give us access to the peace and joy within us or to give us the freedom from our negative feelings or to help us make our mind and body stronger, wiser  or to even make us aware of ourselves.


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What if you knew the yogic routines of Asanas, Pranayamas and diet are designed to make you calmer, wiser, stronger, happier, intelligent, and healthier and truly a new avatar of you that you never imagined?

The only investment you need to put into this is follow the routine you promised with all your heart. Very often, the motivation starts dropping through routines if results are not visible. And there are quite a few simple techniques to keep us on the track.

  1. You can observe and write the changes in your body every day after the practice of Asanas. This will help you see the changes and also make you aware of minute and subtle parts of your body.

  2. You can make a tracker and note down every time you felt disturbed by a strong emotion throughout the day. As days pass by, you will be able to notice the change in your behaviour, mental state and feelings.

  3. Don’t be harsh with yourself if you miss a day or two, get back on the track without any malign feelings about self.

  4. Start the changes one at a time, gradually increasing in quantity; remember ‘Slow and steady wins the race’

  5. Keep your improvements to yourself and observe the joy of inner world without being too vocal about it with people around you.

  6. Remember you goal for which you started the routine. You could also remember the old state of your life that you don’t want to remain in anymore. This will keep you motivated to go on.

  7. And the most important one, have complete faith in yourself.

It is one thing to observe and measure a result in a physical manner and it is a totally different ball game to feel the results within yourself everyday and imbibe them so deep in your faith that it changes into a new you!

Yoga asks you to have that faith, not really in Yoga but in yourselves, in your ability to change yourself.

Yoga asks you to feel your body and energy every day. Yoga asks you to become aware of the old programming that’s running in your mind by observing it every day. Yoga asks you to know yourself every day!

And that ‘every day’, is what is going to take you there. Without every day effort and practice, Yoga would be just another alarm that buzzed in your life and you decided to snooze!

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