I am a Woman, What’s your Superpower?

Come now don’t be shy, yes you are a Super Woman! What’s your Superpower –your family, your clothes, your health, spirituality or be it your women yoga..? Let’s celebrate!

Donning on many hats and playing different roles from the crack of dawn being a wife, a mother, a best friend, a workforce and et al.

India has a rich history and heritage of respecting and even worshipping women power or force in various forms from Durga to Kali to Laxmi Goddess of wealth to the Shakti of Shiva. World over the women power is celebrated. International Women’s Day (celebrated on March 8) is a worldwide day acknowledging and celebrating the economic, social, cultural and political accomplishments of women. The combination of colours of purple, green and white are used to portray the power and equal rights of women (movement originated from the UK Women’s Socio-politico Union front in 1908.)

Celebrate women power and yoga quick checklist of the dos and don’ts


  • This women day give her the respect she deserves. Men and Women are equally important and deserve equal respect. Do not doubt and set an example for your daughter by standing up for yourself.
  • Encourage free will- Help, understand and adjust don’t let the burden of your experience stop the growth of your girl child. Shri Narendra Modiji initiative ‘ Beti Bacho’ is very apt. Standup for your rights and protect your gender.
  • All women have the power to change, and that’s why higher reality is that women have been bestowed with the power of giving birth. Rejoice and celebrate this fact with Women Yoga.
  • Read the labels right- Ask any of the women in your house today, and she will tell you. She is ‘too independent’, and she is will not make a good wife- It means she is strong and has good shoulders on her head. I know of friends who live with abusive husbands, in-laws without complains this is expected of them because if they pick the road less travelled and leave the parents will not support them or provide for them. Girls are always taught be tolerant, sacrifice as wife and daughter-in-law but instead teach them to speak up, encourage education and independence.
  • Teach sons and (Jamai’s) Son-in-law to be respectful- As personal way of experience and of others we India are still in cliché mindset where “groom and their relatives” seek all the respect and dominance even on the wedding day. Change this.
  • Divorce rate are low in India! – Such a cliché’ and Indians need a reality check they always point divorce rate are higher in foreign countries but Indian women condition to stay in a miserable marriage goes unchecked most of the times. In the name of tradition, daughters-in-law are taught tolerating physical, verbal, mental and financial abuse. Do the right thing and teach husbands and sons to treat wives as equal partners and look out for each other. This can change the society we live in.
  • Second class citizen in their own homes. Daughters-in-law are subjected to taunts, humiliation and ridicule in their own home by mothers-in-law and sister-in-laws this is more common than you think, and it’s a shame as well same gender yet no respect.
  • India is changing and in the name of dowry and gifts how come human beings are treated at par with possessions. Teach your sons to have faith in his abilities and not be dependent on wife income or wife’s parent property or income.
  • Reserve money and funds for her future and education, and not reserve dowry money for marriage- The main reason why many women choose to stay on in abusive marriages? The reason is largely financial. If her parents don’t want her back, or if they cannot provide her with the lifestyle her husband can, she will be very hesitant to leave.
  • The finest gift you can give your daughter is independence and a good education, so save up for her education, not for her marriage. Because her marriage may fail her, but her education seldom will.
  • Yoga is a way of better living. The Yoga Institute has pioneered my programs and camps that suit every kind of women. Holistic in approach and non-evasive way of keep mind, body and spirit fit. We have various women classes that you can gift your mother, wife or daughter. Special Yoga women classes are an idyllic way of Yoga learning for everyday practice. It is being conducted effectively at (TYI)The Yoga Institute for more than 50 years. The Women Yoga classes will cover the Yoga Asanas, Kriyas, Pranayamas, sattvic diet and Yogic related lifestyle commendations, personal care on health and counseling on different aspects of life.
  • Money can buy lots of things but not health. So pick practice Yoga each day and see how your approach to life and people changes. It’s an exact science that helps to ease out all women related ailments like thyroid, PCOD’s, Menopause, stress management and weight management. Learn how to live well. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common disorder associated with the hormonal or endocrine system of the female reproductive system. There are few studies conducted in India that indicate 10% of Indian women suffer from this disorder. Diagnosis at the correct time and awareness about the disorder can help prevent this infertility syndrome. This is an emerging health problem occurring during adolescence about healthy lifestyle, dietary discipline, and regular exercises are required for prevention and better management of the disease. Yoga healing for overcoming PCOS & infertility helps to take care of holistic health.

Let’s celebrate women and their superpowers that keep the world going. Gift them health and Yoga this special day. Join us today #pressforprogress.

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