4th Pillar of Health: VICHARA – Importance of “Thought Process”

The four pillars of health are –

  • AHARA (Diet)
  • VIHARA (Recreational activities)
  • ACHARA (Routine)
  • VICHARA (Thought process)

Everyone will agree that “Health is most important whether it’s physical or mental.” If one wants to be healthy then, he should concentrate on these “4 Pillars of Health.” The problem can arise on any level- physical, mental or even interpersonal. When the problem arises, then always remember to check these four areas.

When one is established in these four areas, the result is “Calmness (Sattva Guna).” In this state of mind, one can even handle anyone’s senseless behavior with a calm attitude. In this calm state of mind the energies are high. When anyone is lower on energy, it becomes difficult to ignore even a little nonsense and the chances of getting hurt and upset are very high. Here, one can increase the capacity by following these “4 Pillars”. Even if one is suffering from any illness, by following these “4 Pillars” he can come out of it victoriously.

The 4th Pillar is “VICHARA.” Every thought has its effect on the body. Right thoughts will produce the right effect.

Dr. Jayadeva put it very beautifully. He says “Vichara is our private property. We don’t have to share our thoughts with others and can easily cheat them. We are smiling and talking with somebody but if, our thoughts are toxic for that person, then we are cheating. We might be able to fool the world but we can’t fool our self. Every thought will leave its mark on us. As the mind, so the man.”

It is important to watch our thoughts and the most important is to think right, even if people around us are prompting something negative. How one can work on right thoughts? Be with like-minded people, discussing good thoughts, reading good literature. These are the few ways of managing the thoughts. Another way is to keep a constant watch on the mind. Whenever one feels that mind is going towards negativity, one should stop there. There are some techniques which can work like magic. These techniques are – watching the breath, singing, reading, memorizing, and writing. One can even start mugging up something. It helps the mind to go in a new direction and it becomes one pointed. Stopping the mind is not easy but making it one pointed is much easier.

Meditation never goes well with a negative state of mind. More negative thoughts start brooding and the mind becomes more disturbed. Here, more physical action is required. So one can do asanas and pranayams at such time. One can even do active meditation like hearing and focusing on sounds. Keep the focus on some external Sattvic objects. And once the mind is settled, then start moving inwards, to be quiet and happy.

The root cause of every illness lies in the MIND, let it be as simple as common cold. One has to work on the MIND to get rid of diseases.

“Watch your Thoughts; they become Words

Watch your Words; they become Actions

Watch your Actions; they become Habits

Watch your Habits; they become Character

Watch your Character; it becomes your Destiny.”


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  • Simone Alves Vasconcelos Saullo
    Posted at 04:39h, 10 February Reply

    Pranamaham! I am very happy to have found You. Thank You a lot!!!

  • Simone Alves Vasconcelos Saullo
    Posted at 04:40h, 10 February Reply

    Pranamahamn! I am very happy to have found You!!! Thank You!!!

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