Dr. S. Ghanekar M.S.(Surgeon)
My interest in yoga must have come as a Samskara from earlier births
since I am interested in this science right from childhood.
My association with The Yoga Institute was since June 1971 when Pt.
Shambhunathji conducted a 21 – day Better Living course in Goa.
But,later I was busy with my professional education and hence could not
think of devoting enough time for a deeper study of yoga.
Its only since the last four to five years that I have partly settled in
professional career and thought that I would learn more about yoga.
In November 1988 when I was on my trip to Bombay I visited The Yoga
Institute and came to know about the 7=day Health Camp. Ever since then
I was eager to come here. But, due to my professional commitments I had
to postpone my visit to June 1989. I am glad to renew my association
with the Institute.
I have learnt a lot every moment within a limited amount of time
directly from Shri Yogendraji – the Founder, Smt. Sita Devi – Mother,
Dr. Jayadeva and Smt. Hansaji. My teachers Shri Agarwal, Smt. Ratnaji
and guest speakers, as well as indirectly from all the other workers at
the Institute and through the group discussions with the participants of
7 month teachers course and other campers.
I am really impressed by all the activities of the Institute being
carried out in a Karma-yoga way. I feel that The Yoga Institute is like
an oasis for a weary traveler to satisfy his hunger and quench his
thirst for knowledge and a cozy place to relax and rest, awhile for
introspection into himself, the world and the supreme reality before he
resumes the journey towards self-realization. I envy those from Bombay
who can come here regularly and get enlightenment.
On the first day Smt. Hansaji mentioned “Fill your vessel with knowledge
which is available in plenty here. I have tried to fill my small vessel
with my limited strength. Now I have to rush home early before then holy
water of knowledge gets dried up by the bright sun of materialism which
is so powerful all over the world or before it gets emptied by the
pushes and pulls of the modern world.
The days spent here at the Asrama will be same of those cherished
moments of my life which will give me an inspiration to carry on the
work in a Karmayoga way. I pray to the Almighty to give me the strength
and ask for blessings from my teachers so that what I give will be a lot
more than what I take.

Published in the April 2010 edition of Yoga & Total Health Magazine.

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