Inauguration of the Organic Waste Converter – Report

On Independence day, 15th August, 2014, The Yoga Institute decided to further contribute to the betterment of society by inaugurating the new Organic Waste Converter (OWC) machine installed at the premises. This project was initiated by Shri Hrishi J. Yogendra, son of Dr. Jayadeva and Hansaji Yogendra along with a group called The Change Entrepreneurs.

Hansaji talking about duty towards society

Hansaji talking about duty towards society

At the programme, Smt. Hansaji, spoke to the audience about performing our duty towards society. The Institute has been serving mankind for more than 95 years now and it was time it went further and contributed to safeguarding the environment. The Institute, although located on a large area, has opted to maintain a large garden, full of greenery, rather than fill it up with more buildings. The OWC would provide a load of recycled compost for this garden.

Very aptly, she also added that our mind also produces a lot of waste in the form of thoughts, negativity and so on. Along with physical waste, we must also tend to this kind of mental waste and do away with it.

Mr. Achal Shah, a representative of The Change Entrepreneurs introduced this machine and explained its concept to the audience. This machine is an automatic converter built to serve 50 families. All one has to do is keep adding organic waste on top, and after an initial 13 day cycle, the machine will keep producing organic compost on a continuous basis.

Organic Waste Converter

Organic Waste Converter

With this machine installed in the premises, The Yoga Institute will help in recycling around 9,000 Kgs of waste and saving an equivalent to 102.8 sq. ft of garbage within a year. “A small change within a small circle or society can lead to a bigger change in the world. We do not claim to be Bill Gates or Mother Teresa but we are Change Entrepreneurs. Are you?” And on this inspirational note from Mr. Shah, everyone proceeded to the ribbon cutting ceremony inaugurating the revolutionary OWC.

We hope to always keep contributing positively to our society and inspire others to do the same. Let’s do our bit.

Here are some more pictures from the event.


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