International Women's Day 2022

International Women’s Day 2022 | All about Women’s Day


History of International Women’s Day

We all know that achievements of women are celebrated across the world on 8th march known International Women’s Day. But very few know the history behind the celebrating women’s day. United States celebrated national women’s day for the first time in 1909. But later with more countries joining in this national women’s day was called as international women’s day. The situation of women across the world was almost the same, there was the dire need of recognition and fair chance. Women needed to be seen, respected and need a platform to show case their talent and let the counterpart know that they deserve better.

Earlier, International Women’s day was celebrated in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland in 19th March 1911. But, the important movement happened on 8th March 1917 in Russia. Women’s day was celebrated by different countries at different time. Almost after 6 decades, i.e. in 1975, of the Russian movement, UN celebrated International Women’s Day for the first time and the date was 8th March.

There are two main reasons behind this celebration, a). To secure the human rights, maintains equality and requirement of equal participation and b). To consider the contribution of women in different field like social, economic, and cultural.

Women’s day has a very strong and long history. It is not just a mere movement on social media. But it is an outcome of well thought and progressive process of many activists around the world. This movement has a made its mark right from World War 1 to the 21st century. The situation has improved a lot if we compare current life with the life of our great grand mothers and grandmothers. Having said that, we still have a long way to go and there are many barriers that needs to be crossed. Thus, a special day dedicated to this which will definitely bring the right change in right direction.

Significance of International Women’s Day

Women these days are getting much more than what they used to get in earlier times. It is all because of the brave movements by hard working activists and social workers. Let us first understand the significance of this dedicated day. Women are doing and has been doing some out of the world jobs which they had to do against the will of the society. To show their presence, they had to be a rebel in true sense. Because women were entitled to do only certain kind of things while other things should be done by men. To do away with this kind of thought process International Women’s day is celebrated.

It is the day where women are recognized and acknowledged for the work that they have done socially, politically, culturally, and economically. It is not just limited to one or two countries but across the globe their achievements are celebrated. In current times, not only women celebrate each other but men too, celebrate the efforts put in by women. Every year United Nation decides the theme to celebrate this day. The theme for International Women’s day 2022 is, Gender equality today for sustainable tomorrow. This has been massively accepted and on social media the hashtag provided by it was #breakthebias.

The significance of International women’s day in the life of male as well female should be equal. And the day this happens, the world will have the wings to fly higher and higher. When we say we are celebrating “her” it not only means we are celebrating the efforts by women present today. We are celebrating the efforts that were made by women of previous generations and we are celebrating the efforts that will be put in by the women of future generation. It is the “woke” world and it is the time where we have we show our support and love to both the energies of the world. Only then there will be a balance.


As we scroll through internet, we will find endless articles, video clips, photographs of women achieving something that they have done. One may not have to achieve something grand, something top. Some places they are shown love by offering them with flowers or gifts. Kids and men cook and help clean the house, giving a break. Some places women get together and spend quality time with each other by talking, playing games and dancing.

In the world of corporates, the special programs are arranged for female employees to just sit back and enjoy. Women wellness camps are arranged for the better health and living. Showing them that the world cares and she has the right to do anything and everything which she desires.

Some countries also observe holiday on this day. In different parts, international women’s day is celebrated in different ways. But the motto behind it remains the same to show love, respect and equality.

The celebration is to show that women are important and it gives them the confidence that the young little girls when they grow up will have free and accepting world. They will have the right to express and right to enjoy everything equally.

Centuries ago, in the patriarch world, women were demeaned. By celebrating International Women’s day they were made to look and feel special. But now women doesn’t want to feel special or above anyone. They want to feel equal, they want be celebrated as one with men. Like it is said breaking the bias.

If we sow the seed of equality in young minds now, we are going to reap the best fruits when they grow old to become an independent identity.

Yoga and Women

Being equal is necessary but that can be achieved only when the mental, physical, emotional and social body is healthy. International women’s day 2022 can become happy international women’s day 2022 when she is healthy is every aspect. Yoga can offer the best health ever. Yoga too has the strongest history and its roots are extremely deep. The scriptures clearly says that a world can function well only when it is balanced. There should be equal contribution of masculine and feminine energy.

Yoga also says that one should break the bias and focus on equality. In fact from the longest time, yoga is practiced the most by women. Women are the power house of energy and confidence. But also there many physical, physiological and hormonal changes that she has to go through. In such times when women also have to take care of the responsibilities to stand shoulder to shoulder with men, yoga can be very helpful.

It’s not only about physical well-being. To fight against all odds and answer the questions raised by the patriarchy, women needs strong mental health. All this is provided by yoga in the form of asana, pranayama, meditation and other yoga techniques.

As said by United Nations for sustainable tomorrow, women should get equal opportunity. This opportunity can be provided by yoga in the form of good health.

On totally different aspect, many women has made a great career out of yoga. So yoga has no limitations, provided it is accepted wisely and widely.

The better tomorrow of a woman is in her own hands and yoga is just a medium to show her the path. The path, where she can not only find herself but also find peace along with equal rights. Yoga theory has a lot to say about women and its magical power to bring in the confidence. But as of now we will just focus on how yoga can help women grow and make a sustainable living to cross all the hurdles of gender bias.


Crossing The Physical Barrier

Yoga’s one of the most important limb is Asana. Asana provides the strength, balance and healthy physical body. When women choses to be equal with men in the field which requires physical strength like, being a traffic police officer, police official, sales person, super market employee, joining civil services and much more. She is required to stand for long and take the load of heavy material, all these are achieved when asanas are practiced regularly.

Asanas are also very beneficial when stay-at-home mothers or homemakers shares the responsibilities of the house with the man. It is also extremely useful to every woman going to hormonal changes during menopause, menstruation and pregnancy. It keeps them focused without the work getting affected yet continue being equal.

Yoga has many different asanas to offer below are just a few asana that can be very helpful to women making their life easy.

Tadasna, Utkatasana, Hastapadasana, Hastpadangusthasana, Parvatasana, Vajrasana, Bhadrasana, Naukasana, Halasana, Paryanaksna, Ustrasana, Bhujangasna, Dhanurasana, Suryanamskar and Shavasana.

Asana will tick the box of physical strength.


Crossing The Mental Barrier

Life in the profession like politician, IAS officer, doctor, corporate world, film and digital industry is not easy. One has to have unshaken and sharp mind to make important decision, fight the competition and give long hours. Everything is possible when your mental body is at peace.

To take care of this, yoga provides the science of meditation. Women should meditate regularly because meditation offers the state of mind which is peaceful yet vigil. The overall productivity is also improved to a great extent due to improved focus. Meditation isn’t boring, meditation is energy giving. After a short session of 5 min meditation, one can feel the difference in the mood. Bad temper, ego or any such negative feeling just vanishes after meditation.

Women these days needs to focus on mental well-being because out in the world the competitors are everywhere. During this situation meditation comes to a rescue.

It may be hard in the beginning but start by counting your blessings. Slowly reflect how your day went and then just focus on your breath. Open your eyes and you will feel stronger than before, ready to win the world.


Crossing The Physiological Barrier

When we want body to function properly we not only want it to work at outer physical level but at organ level too. As discussed earlier, asana gives physical strength but it also rejuvenates the functioning of the internal organs like digestive system, respiratory system, nervous system and all the other organs well.

When that part is taken care of the overall women’s health is improved and so she can focus well on her task and responsibilities. Along with asana, pranayama is one such limb which yoga has to pffer which is like a cherry on top.

When the breath is under control, your actions are under control and so it brilliantly sets you on the path of success. Pranayama aids in betterment of the internal organs. There are so many pranayama in yoga but below is the list which can be practiced with ease by all.

Anulom vilom, bhramari pranayama, deep breathing, ujjayi pranayama are the few which should be practiced regularly.

As we focus here on better tomorrow, we have to focus on health in present. Your action today in positive direction will give you sustainable future.

Yoga has always supported women and it is never biased towards a particular gender so make the most of it. Women deserves the best and yoga is the best way to gain the optimum strength, health and energy.

All the lovely ladies out there, you are special and you are equal.

International women’s day is not just celebrated every year for name sake. It has the agenda, it has the theme, and it has the message that needs to be spread to every part of the world. Expecting support from men but also expecting equal support from fellow woman is what everyone should look forward to.

The justice will be done when celebration of international women’s day 2022 with equal rights for women and breaking all the chains of gender bias. It is the women empowerment day. And empowers her.

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