Yoga Guru Dr Hansaji’s Message for children and parents

Is exam pressure getting you down? Rise in life with Yoga!

Exams pressure is endangering the mental and physical health of our students and nation’s future.

Last year thousands of students committed suicide due to the burden of expectations of parents and peers. Here’s Dr. Hansaji Yogendar’s message, during an interview at the New Delhi Yoga fest. She appeals to parents and children to invest minimum 15 minutes of Ashtanga Yoga every day for empowering and fortifying one’s self against the woes of examination and related stress.

Yoga Guru Dr Hansaji’s Message for children and parents:

Dear parents and children…

It is the time of exams and results. Many of the decisions we make in terms of encouraging or rather discouraging our own children come from a place of fear. Common irrational fear is that if your children do not get good marks, he/she will somehow end up on the streets. As a parent myself, let me assure you things are in a better place and India is poised for much growth and progress. Technological advancements have opened put new doors and possibilities. There are numerous fields which can cater to every child’s potential. Stop grading your child’s capability in terms of marks they get. Getting marks is a part of life but let that no define who or what your child is capable off.

Try this for a change –

Let your child invest 15 minutes every day in yoga. It is a scientific tool that will empower your children to be educated rather than just being literate. Yoga brings about the better way of living and doing things. Yoga helps to achieve an inner balance and harmony. The Yoga Institute has conducted various studies on students who were trained in Yoga way of life and found that within three months brain and motor functions were performing 200% better than kids who did not follow Yoga.

So, it’s scientifically established that doing yoga every day will make your child more intelligent, aware, and sharp and balanced in everything he/she does. Kids are adaptable and full of energy. Yoga empowers them to utilise their time better by being focused and averting distractions. Growing up with yoga they learn to manage stress and their hormones better.

For parents, all I can say is that the best gift you can give your children is time and attention. If you are observant you will discover children in their own way will let you know what exactly they need. Children are more akin to their own true self and worth. Life is much bigger than few numbers acquired in exams. Failure is not fatal and final. Effort and timely encouragement is the best way to shield your child.

 Children are more resilient then you give credit. Just be there for them. And speaking of Yoga during exam time rather than just expecting kids to do yoga may I suggest why don’t you join them. Empower yourself and shield your kids against depression, anxiety, and stress.

So let us unite and create a harmonious world where every kid will strive and live up to his/her full potential without the feeling or need of wanting to kill her/ himself. This will not happen by itself. Also, just leaving things up to the school teachers is not a good idea. Nor will it happen by paying the school fees. This dedication and time and yoga practice. So let us build a better world for our children.

Wishing the very best do well in life children- be good and do good!

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