Yogic Break for Office Goers- Kapal Randhra Dhouti & Karna Randhra Dhouti

Yogic Break for Office Goers- Kapal Randhra Dhouti & Karna Randhra Dhouti

Kapal=Skull Randhra= hole or cavity Dhouti =Cleansing of the skull

Karna= Ears Randhra= hole or cavity Dhouti =Cleansing of the skull

Yogic Break for Office Goers- Kapal Randhra Dhouti & Karna Randhra Dhouti- These are handy yogic techniques useful for irrigation of all the cavities of the skull and to make it free of everyday day pollutants,  potential disease agents (bacteria & viruses) and excess mucus. The amount of dust we inhale and the adulterated food and poisonous drinks we are daily swallowing, clogging throughout biophysical mechanism is unavoidable. The cavities of the skull accordingly suffer from dust accumulation, pollutants, and accumulation of excess phlegm. Thus periodic draining of all the cavities of the skull is necessary.

“In all problem solving or in problem prevention, we must have a strong commitment to higher goals. The Kriyas take help of natural agencies and elements and build self-reliance.” –Shri Yogendraji

Simple, hygienic yogic kriyas; Kapal Randhra Dhouti & Karna Randhra Dhouti are simple to follow using your own two hands. These kriyas are very effective tools to combat everyday stresses and pollutants and its harmful effects.  A natural way to get a healthy and glowing skin and helps in releasing stress and improves the blood and oxygen circulation in our body thereby impacting our mental and physical health positively.

Note: Your hands, neck, and face should be clean before you do this kriya. Nails of the little fingers should be cut especially before you do Karna Randhra Dhouti.


  1. Place thumb on one side of your temple. Using forefingers massage your forehead with your fingers
  2. Massage the area around your eyes in a circular motion using your fore and middle fingers.
  3. Pinch your eyebrows along their length.
  4. Massage your cheeks in an upward direction.
  5. From left to right using your fingers massage the spaces above and below your lips.
  6. Massage sides of your face and behind your ears back and forth.
  7. Look upwards and massage your neck with upward strokes.
  8. Karna Randhra Dhouti- Insert your little fingers in the ear cavity and now rotate clock and anti-clockwise. This helps in inner ear circulation and loosens up the ear wax.


  1. This invigorating yogic facial massage stimulates the facial nerves and the blood circulation to the face is improved. This will render a natural facial glow over a period of time.
  2. A good inexpensive and effective way for calming your brain and mind.
  3. Massaging thoroughly helps to reduce stress and thereby helping people suffering from insomnia, pre –mature aging, facial wrinkles etc.
  4. You get a chance to clear your thoughts and experience a sense of peace in your complete system. Common problems office goers face such as headaches and migraines are reduced.
  5. Your nervous system has a chance to calm down, in this way Kapal Randhra Dhouti also helps against depression – it gives you the chance to relax and daily job stresses and its symptoms can disappear with regular practice.
  6. The calming effect is also good for your blood pressure. This prevents dizziness and of course, the oxygen is beneficial for your brain power. You are more focused when calm.
  7. Anxiety and job performance issues are resolved. Calm mind means decision making is also improved.
  8. Karna Randhra Dhouti- helps in inner ear blood circulation and clears up the excessive ear wax.

Yogic way to relax quickly and you can enjoy benefits more if done after Jalaneti regularly. Demanding job and performance anxiety symptoms are reduced and healthy skin glow the natural way.  These effective kriyas can be done anytime and anywhere, even from the comfort of your own office chairs. Thus take periodic breaks and enjoy safe and simple yoga. Try it and experience the difference and reap the health benefits today!

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